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What's open for linner (2-5p) on Saturday in Santa Monica/Venice?

I knew I could count on Chowhounders for solid recommendations. Thanks so much for all the suggestions--I think I'll be doing "linner" more often.

Due to logistics, we ended up at something that wasn't recommended--Bru's Wiffle in Santa Monica--for adorable breakfast waffle sliders, a fried chicken waffle and mango mimosas (they call 'em bellinis, but since they're not peach, I'm reclassifying them as mimosas). Would definitely go back there for linner again, except that now we have lots of other things to try.

Nov 12, 2012
maitai666 in Los Angeles Area

What's open for linner (2-5p) on Saturday in Santa Monica/Venice?

Most people have a great recommendation for brunch, but what about the twilight zone between 2-5p, when they stop serving lunch and aren't ready to serve dinner? Any good ideas for a Saturday afternoon in the Santa Monica/Venice area?

Nov 03, 2012
maitai666 in Los Angeles Area

ISO recommendations for 3 nights near W. Hollywood. . .

I'm sure you'll do your homework elsewhere but be warned. Hungry Cat is set in the courtyard of a Hollywood strip mall. Patio umbrellas aren't enough to kill the din of street traffic if you sit outside, while the interiors are minimalist and downtown loft-esque, with the unfortunate acoustics that usually go with. In spite of these negatives, the cocktails taste like they've been crafted in a sanctuary of tranquility. Basically, don't let the look of the place scare you away. Bonus if you're there on the night of the week when they're serving fish and chips--they're a revelation. We were there on a Thursday in late March '07.

Jul 26, 2007
maitai666 in Los Angeles Area