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Can we revisit the PATH?

Ok - popped in quickly today and here are my comments based on previous threads:
1. My directions were pretty much bang on - only thing I would add is that when you get into the hotel lobby - turn left into the little coffee alcove which leads to the washrooms. When you get up the short flight of stairs, there is an entrance to Petit Thuet right in front of you.
2. I had a grilled chicken sandwich and it was perfect in its grilled simplicity. I was brought up with a european admiration for simple sandwiches - like the Dutch broodje. Exquisite bread, fine quality filling and just a little something extra, be it butter, mustard or other spread.
3. As for looking "fresh", this tends not to worry me - lettuce always looks fresh at Loblaws thanks to misting gases, but is rarely the case.
4. Second point on freshness - good baked bread's freshness deteriorates exponentially with each hour after it is baked. Which brings fond memories of when I lived near a bakery in Collioure in the the south of France - if I couldn't get there by 8:30, 9:00 for the fresh baked fougasse - forget it - I wouldn't bother *grin*.

609 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V1M5, CA

Can we revisit the PATH?

I haven't been for a while so I think I will go there today for lunch. Will verify my directions as well as the "quality" of the food. I went with a friend a couple months ago - they had a take-away quiche - they cut in half, heated up for her - she raved about it and took the other half home.

Can we revisit the PATH?

Very tricky - not sure if I can explain - you make your way to Commerce Court and follow the path as if you are going to the King Subway, past the entrance to Athlete's Care. There is a non-descript door on the left (North side) that will lead you to the One King West Hotel. You then meander through the corridor past all these mailboxes and past the old basement bank vault. Turn left up through the stairs to the lobby of 1 King West hotel Just past the bar and concierge on left side is a door which will put you into Petit Thuet. Once you get the hang of it - bring your friends - will impress them as it is a bit off the beaten "path". If you still have trouble, let me know and I will take note of landmarks next time I go....

609 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V1M5, CA

Inca Trail

Improvised, using Capel Mango Pisco and substituting oranges with clementines -nice!!!

Feb 20, 2010
optionman in Recipes

Tasty lunch spots near Eaton Centre...willing to walk.

Sandwich World is awesome - chicken curry with cole slaw or other sald for not $5 - but $4 - yes $4!!!

I eat there once every one or two weeks.

Hero Burger sucks. Pre-pressed crappy frozen tasteless patties. Better off to go to Harvey's and order the extra oickles at least

Can we revisit the PATH?

I went back to Sandwich Box on Richmond near Yonge (have to cross street from PATH access at Scotiabank.

I was a big fan many years ago when it opened in the St Patrick's Market when, for less tan $10, you could get a very tasty sandwich with:

- 1 spread
- 1 meat
- 1cheese
- 2 veggie toppings.

They used to allow me to waive the salad and add some arugula to make it 3 veggie toppings.

Not any more. After ongoing cost cutting measures such as smaller portions, reducing the 2 veggie toppings to 1 veggie toppings, not allowing reasonable substitutions and throw in a very spongy crappy baguette not even worthy of a Druxy's, I have decided never to go back. And it cost me $11.25 (!!!). I will continue to give Petite Thuet my business (100% accessible by PATH) for sandwiches, even though they are more limited in their offerings......will update on my PATH recommendations later - many which have already been mentioned.