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Dinner for 18 on a Saturday night?

Would love a suggestion for a quality restaurant (Italian or American preferably) that could take 18 people (5 of whom are kids under 8) for dinner in the Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn area. I'm having trouble finding a spot that is both "special" (great food) but also suitably to bring kids along.

Sep 12, 2010
paulnyc in Outer Boroughs

Falai for people who LIKE it...

I am very disappointed with last night's meal at Falai as I heard such great things about the restaurant. It started off well with an amuse-bouche of goat cheese and cauliflower soup and an OUTSTANDING appetizer of baccala montecato (cod mousse), but the special pasta (buckwheat, cabbage, speck ravioli) was greasy and gummy and my scallops had a horrible texture (almost stringy). even dessert was lackluster. i left my profiteroles for my friend's passionfruit souffle which was much tastier. The service was good and so was the wine-pairing (4 glasses for $25 last night!) sort of saved the meal. overall

68 Clinton St, New York, NY 10002

Apr 23, 2010
paulnyc in Manhattan

Convivio- avoid and especially avoid during RW

I went last night to Convivio (last night of RW). The food was all tasty, but my entree serving of fish was a paltry 1.5 sq. inch cube of sea bass--maybe 2 bites, not worth leaving the house for, however good. I was bothered by the portions at Convivio in the past, but NEVER again. I'm done with this place.

Feb 08, 2010
paulnyc in Manhattan

Are there Restaurant Week themes?

yeah, they could easily rename "Restaurant Week" as "The New York Salmon Festival."

Feb 06, 2010
paulnyc in Manhattan

Greek Restaurants

As others mentioned, Ethos (on Third Av) was one of my favorite Greek places, until last night anyway, when I went to Kellari Taverna on 44th (bw 5th and 6th) for RW. They were clearly trying to impress, offering delicious whole grilled Mediterranean sea bass on a RW menu! As you walk in you'll see a display case with beautifully colored, clear-eyed, fresh fish anywhere in New York. (The Lobsters still creeping on the ice). Try the chilean sea bass in grape leaves with parsnip mash. Sounds gimmicky, but was delicious. The wine list is great. The room is spacious. And the service was impeccable. Only complaint is the baklava, which they prepare in bite size pieces rather than by the slice, making them very dense and dry.
For rustic Greek, I LOVE Pylos (on E. 7th St.) in the LES.

Feb 06, 2010
paulnyc in Manhattan

Restaurant Week 2010 - What are your picks??

I couldn't disagree more about Megu. I went last night (as part of RW) and was completely turned off by the service (especially the host and hostess), the dark room, the portions, and especially the quality of the food. The portions were laughably small (really, we all laughed) which was fine, given that my black cod with miso was disagreeable: smelled fishy, slimy--a seemingly depressed 4 oz. of flesh all one on a tacky ceramic plate. (I actually think the plate is what they typically serve as an appetizer.) I get better cod at almost any Japanese restaurant, including my local joint. The res snapper salad was a mass of nuts with a thumbful of red snapper atop of which they poured hot, tasteless sesame oil. In any case, I felt robbed even with the $35 RW check. I'll never go back.

Feb 05, 2010
paulnyc in Manhattan