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One night in Portland and need restaurant and bar reccomendations...

There will be 6 of us. Sorry for the omission. What about this spot called Paley's Place? Any good?

Paley's Place
1204 NW 21st Ave, Portland, OR 97209

Aug 12, 2010
WineInstructor in Metro Portland

One night in Portland and need restaurant and bar reccomendations...


I am bringing a group from my restaurant to the Willamette Valley for a few days to tour wineries, taste, learn and eat. We would like to spend Saturday evening in Portland to have dinner and hit a few bars. The group is comprised of 28-33 year old foodies who will eat just about anything and know wine. We are all professional servers, bartenders, wine salespersons, etc. and work with a very unique French restaurant in our port of origin. Doesn't need to be fine dining but we want GREAT food and interesting wines and are willing to pay for it.

It would be fantastic if this restaurant were near a few choice bars with good cocktails, etc. but we will be in a rental car so won't mind driving a ways for a good bar to camp at. Or perhaps there is a district of interesting bars that would offer a few places to jump around to for the night.

I couldn't think of any better way to get recommendations than to ask my fellow Hounds. Thanks for any help you can provide. Trip occurs in a few weeks.


Aug 11, 2010
WineInstructor in Metro Portland

Best Philly Cheesesteaks in DFW?

Ok so...I work at a culinary school and food is pretty much my life so I feel that I have to chime in on this Texadelphia issue. I am a Longhorn(Hook 'Em) and Texadelphia is an Austin original so I want to love them BUT....

Their Cheesesteaks are the biggest, lamest, limpest joke of a sandwich I have ever encountered. Mozzarella cheese and sweet peppers. Really? Only on a sub.

I can't tell you how disappointed you will be with that place if you are looking for a legit Cheesesteak.

My 2c.

[DFW] Best Soups?!

Kudos on the O'Brother reference.

[DFW] Best Soups?!

Second the French Onion at Rise no1. Best around.

Best BBQ restaurant in Uptown/Downtown area?

There is no discussion. Sammy's is extremely respectable BBQ and within reach from your location, even without highways. Lunches can be busy so be prepared for a line if you are going at peak time. But at least you know it's highly sought after!