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How long can I leave eggs out of the fridge?

LOL - yes thanks for the clarification, I had heard about the washing. I remember it was something about how when the egg is washed, it actually pushes impurities through the shell into the egg, because it's so porous. So it's probably better to leave eggs unwashed, unless you feel you need to wash them right before cracking.

I picked up 3 dozen eggs (pastured) from a farm yesterday and I forgot them in my car for about 6 hours before putting them in the fridge... I figured they would still be fine so we've been eating them, but just wanted to make sure... they are excellent high quality eggs, really thick shells, thick membranes, nice dark yolk. Hated the thought of chucking them.

Apr 21, 2011
barefootmommy in General Topics

How long can I leave eggs out of the fridge?

I see this is an older post, but just wanted to clarify something - there is a reason why European eggs are not refrigerated, and I believe that is because they are not pasteurized. I believe eggs in North America are flash pasteurized, which necessitates refrigeration. The risk for salmonella from organic free-range eggs in North America is 1 in 30,000.... this is VERY low. I eat raw eggs (that have been refrigerated) on a regular basis. This risk goes up with conventional non-free-range eggs. You can often tell if you have a quality egg if the shell is so hard it may even take some extra effort to break, and if the yolk is a nice dark orange colour, the white membrane should be nice and thick.

Apr 21, 2011
barefootmommy in General Topics

Great deals at Costco [Canada]

haha... I live practically next door to Farmhouse Cheeses in Agassiz. Yes their cheese is great, it is grass-fed, but it's pretty pricey. It's also not raw, I've checked with them about that. Although I thought most aged cheese (6+ months) is raw, but I guess not their's...

Great deals at Costco [Canada]

Yes it was Kerrygold, or any other grass-fed butter. Thanks for the info!

Great deals at Costco [Canada]

Anyone know if Costco in B.C. carries Irish butter or cheese, the grass-fed kind? I know they do in the U.S., but I haven't bothered checking here cause the closest Costco is a fair drive for me. I'd sign up for a membership if I found these products there though.

Whole fish in the Fraser Valley?

Anyone have a source for whole fish in the Fraser Valley? I'd like to get whole fish (preferably with heads and organs intact) to make some fish stock. Frozen is fine.

Stonyfield plain whole milk yogurt

You can also get Organic Saugeen Country whole fat plain yogurt at Save-On and Pricemart, and in my opinion and research it's FAR superior to the Stonyfield yogurt and probably easier to find.

Boathouse - Far from the best.

I agree. We went to the Boathouse for brunch once a couple months ago... the place was deserted and yet we waited almost TWO hours for our simple meals to arrive. Same with the family next to us who waited over an hour for a simple fruit plate. No apologizing, no credit, no nothing. And we were waiting with two young hungry kids too. I'd expect at least some complimentary bread or fruit or something after waiting that long... but no. Worst restaurant experience we ever had. When the food finally came it was horrible and overpriced. Their heat was also not working and our order also got messed up and the waitress did not seem to know what she was doing.

Boathouse White Rock
14935 Marine Drive, White Rock, BC V4B 1C3, CA

raw/unpasteurized milk in Vancouver?

I am a shareholder in the Home on the Range cowshare, but now the future of the farm is in jeopardy. I am desperate for some raw milk for my kids. I'm totally interested in getting some from Washington State, does anyone know where I can get it and how much I can take across the border at one time without it causing problems???!!

Cowshare! Raw unpasturized milk and cheeses

I too am a member of Home on the Range cowshare. Now that the future of the farm is in jeopardy, do you have any recommendations for where I can find grass-fed dairy around here? I'm not as picky about it being raw or not, though that would be ideal of course, but my main concern is that it's grass-fed and from pastured cows. Do you know of any specific brands of milk in Washington State that are grass-fed? So bummed out about this after the news this week. :( I went to go buy some whole milk from the new Ecodairy in Abbotsford and it's just NOT even close to the raw whole milk from Home on the Range!!!! Tastes completely different. I want the best milk for my kids and it's infuriating to think I may not be able to get it anymore. :(

Fraser Valley Favorites

"Jacksons Grill" in Chilliwack - some of the best steakhouse food I've had anywhere!
"Presto Cucina" in Abbotsford - casual Italian, can't go wrong. Yummy gelato's for dessert too.

I've heard "Bravo" in Chilliwack is very classy and right up there with the best Vancouver restaurants, though we haven't tried it yet (need to find a babysitter!)

Have to say I was not a fan of Restaurant 62 in Abbotsford, though I went soon after they opened and they may have improved things by now. When I went you were sitting so close to the next table that it almost seemed like the people next to you were in on your conversation. :( Not good. The food wasn't good either.

raw/unpasteurized milk in Vancouver?

Home on the Range dairy in Chilliwack sells raw milk through a herdshare program, like the one an above poster mentioned. It's silly that it's not legal to buy in stores!!

I have found raw cheeses in grocery stores though, you just have to know what to look for.