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DIrty Family Secrets

Although my Mom made homemade meals all the time, looking back, I realize my childhood home was filled with processed foods as well. Mom and Dad loved Spam sandwiches with Vlasic pickles and sliced sharp cheddar cheese (the only good thing about the sandwich was the cheese). Dad also like eating Vienna Sausages and dipping them in mustard. My brother liked dipping Oreos in ketchup.

When I met my husband, it repulsed me that he would make boxed mac-n-cheese and then add a can of tuna to it. One time, I actually tried a bite. I am now ashamed to say that it is my comfort food when I am sick. Gross, I know. Lol.

And for the record, I don't think this thread is mean. We are picking on other people's grossest food choices, but I'm sure that most of them would readily admit that it's gross and they don't care! People like what we like. This thread brought a smile to my face!

Aug 25, 2014
Liz1982 in General Topics

Truffle-Roasted Chicken

Has anyone tries this recipe? I'm curious about the results. I'm considering making it.

Feb 07, 2012
Liz1982 in Recipes

Can I really bake dinner in a toaster oven?

Oh man Bob, I checked out the link and that thing looks AMAZING!!!! I have a Black and Decker toaster/convection oven right now and love it. The only bad thing about it, is that it is pretty loud. Is the Breville quiet? I know I already have a toaster oven, but man, that one looks so much cooler! I have a wedding coming up, maybe it would be good to add to the registry...

Jan 21, 2012
Liz1982 in Home Cooking

Time for School Lunch

Jetgirly, your salads sound amazing! You mentioned homemade dressing. What do you make?

Sep 06, 2011
Liz1982 in Features