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iPad ordering- trend or new standard? I order from the ipad, and have information readily available. Who do I tip? The ipad? Do I tip "it" less than 15%? I'd feel kinda funny tipping an ipad...especially one who's name I didn't they have names?

Sep 28, 2011
3puttking in Not About Food

where can I buy Wonder pot?

I've never heard of sounds like something that's sold in California with a doctor's prescription... :-)

Feb 04, 2010
3puttking in Cookware

Your "pro-style" range: Would you spend the money again?

The clicking IS caused by the water or liquid to clean....not "air"...making a connection between on and off...once the water evaporates, the connection is no longer made getting rid of the clicking sound. This happens on MANY models...not just Viking. There is no danger in it.

Feb 04, 2010
3puttking in Cookware

Dual Fuel Range - Help!

I'm a cabinet maker and build around stoves all the time. Whether I like it or not, I know a lot about stoves & ovens. Without a doubt or question:

Gas Stove top
Electric Oven

The rest depends on your budget, and my advice is this...more money doesn't mean better. If high output burners are necessary and you can afford it, go with the won't be disappointed, but then again, if I bought a Rolls Royce I better not be disappointed.

According to Consumer Reports Aug. 2009- "Among Dual Fuel rages, Frigidaire, GE & Kenmore have been reliable & jenn Air has ben repair prone." Stay away from kitchenaid, Maytag & whirlpool. LG & Bosch they didn't have enough sample. Viking has always been repair prone.

Some things that are important on stove top & convenient...continuous grates on stove, touchpad controls for the oven to set precise temps.

good luck!


Feb 04, 2010
3puttking in Cookware

Top 10 - Western & Eastern FFD County

Michael's- Italian- Norwalk- Near Lillian August. EXCELLENT
Barcelona- Spanish- HiHo Fairfield- Forget Norwalk one.
Marly's- Wilton- Great Kobe Burger.
The Black Duck- Westport- Hidden Dive Treasure. Burgers are HUGE, fresh & cheap. Whole Belly clams, etc. (was on Food Network, Dives, diners & )
Matsu Sushi- Westport-

SoNo- I find overpriced marginal food...usually with an attitude...especially at Pasta Nostra. hated that experience and vowed never to go back.
Otherwise I'm new to the area and can't recommend others at this point.