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Best Pizza in Westchester (again)

Can you explain the oxidation thing? I am not familiar with it as it relates to pizza.

Best Pizza in Westchester (again)

Have not been to Capri in Tarrytown, but I have been to Capri in Ossining and I believe they are the same owners - dependable regular slices and excellent specially slices. Since it is now Lent I have been going there on fridays (no meat) and having a slice of fried calimari pizza. It is more like a meal than a slice and really good.

Squires Briarcliff--Overrated Burgers in a Cavelike Atmosphere

Dang, Chowbound! Well said!.. We live around the corner and NEVER have I been disappointed by the burgers at Squires. When you want a great burger, that is the place to go. "nuff said.

Best Pizza in Westchester (again)

Sorry it is almost 2 years later, but in Westchester you must go to Dom's pizza in elmsford (same lot as the Greenburgh multiplex) and have their version of "Grandma's Pizza." It is like a thin crust sicilian, with fresh mozz, plum tomatos, garlic and basil. It is one of the best slices in westchester or anywhere.