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Question about Rowe Farms

I noticed that my carton of Rowe Farm eggs this week did not contain any egg codes. The carton from 2 weeks ago had a 0CA1047 listed as the producer. I looked it up at and this particular set came from the Van Aert Farm (Watford Ontario). On the website it stated that they're certified organic eggs.

I never knew that they sold regular cage eggs under the organic section. That's quite deceiving. From now on I will check the carton before I make a purchase.

I also spoke to George (de Andrade(?)) who sells organic produce at the Farmer's Market at St. Lawrence and he explained the difference between free range and free run. He basically said that with free run eggs, the hens are housed inside with access to an open window for fresh air. With free range, they're allowed to go outside. He said by law if you have more than 50 birds you have to keep them indoors and the best way to get free range eggs is from a local farm with less than 50 birds. George also said that in the spring he sells free range eggs.