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Village Wok goes downhill

HK is solid

Costco-January 2015

Rembrandt aged Gouda

Hong Kong Noodle

Congee is good as well as the BBQ pork & wonton noodle soup.

Grand Szechuan Near Bloomington Mn Cub Foods

My family goes there just about every weekend. I too have eaten just about everything on the menu. I love all ethnic food but this place is my favorite.

Aida Mediterranean in Richfield

Just went for lunch and can report that is it very good. Never had Egyptian food and was blown away by the quality and flavor.My only knock is that to appeal to the Minnesota palate they carry alot of mainstream dishes. I wish they would offer more authentic Egyptian options. The good news is that if you call ahead and special order they will make traditional dishes like Fool & Koshary. I had the Kofta which came with Rice, flatbread and tahini. It was excellent. We also got the Shakshuka which is a special on weekends that is three eggs poached in a fragrant and spicy sauce of tomatoes, onions, red bell peppers and garlic topped with cilantro and feta crumbles. Also Served with warm pita bread for dipping.The flavor popped and my only compaint was that the eggs were cooked to well for my liking but I'm sure next time I could request them less done. If you have a sweet tooth you have to get the basboosa which is Sweet Honey, Yogurt cake soaked in rose water syrup topped with almonds. I look forward to calling ahead next time to get the good stuff. This place is a real gem.

Minneapolis Eater

Spot on thoughts about Flicker. If Piccolo was in New York he would be a celebrity chef with a year wait to make a reservation. Instead we have a gem that is accessible.

Andale Taqueria y Mercado

Has anyone been here lately? Last time I went I ordered the goat taco...I believe it's chiva? And they said they didn't have it but I remember ordering in the past. Anyone get it lately.

Btw...the Pozole here is incredible.

Sezchuan Spice

I find myself liking this place more and more. I regularly go to Grand Szechuan but lately have been defecting to SS.

Korean in dinkytown

I love your Grand Szechuan review. I love that place. We try to go every Sunday. Best service of any chinese place I've been to. Food is awesome too.

Korean in dinkytown

I know there are 3-4 spots. Which is the best?

Victor's Excelsior

Anyone heard anything? Was supposed to open in June. We need a good spot in the western suburbs.

Chef Shack Food Truck

Definitely not the same without the egg...dissapointing. I always go by the 2 or 3 strike rule so hopefully my experience is different next time. I look forward to trying their brick and mortar sometime as I've heard they have good barbeque which is lacking in the cities.

Chef Shack Food Truck

Anyone have any bad experiences lately? Had a bison burger today like I have many times in the past. It has always came with an egg, white cheese, and chips. Today, it was served with cheddar which I really don't care for, no egg, no chips. I asked if the cheese was changed. the cook rudely replied they ran out. Fine. I asked if it still came with chips, he then gruffly told the sever "give him some chips". Glad I didn't ask about the egg as he probably would have thrown it at me. This is too bad as the owners have always been friendly. I wonder if they know they have a prick working for them.

Little Szechuan closed for remodeling

LS has gone downhill since Chef Luo left. Not much of a loss in my opinion. Luckily we still have good sichuan left in MSP with Grand Szechuan and Szechuan Spice.

MSP: Black Walnut Bakery

Anyone know if she will be at the downtown farmers market soon?

Travail/The Rookery

Is rookery too loud for a grandma and 2 young children...Would go at 5.

Visiting Champlin in May

"I'm spoiled about Chinese food since I live in LA"

LOL...That's like someone from Minnesota going to LA and judging Chinese there by going to a Happy Panda, China Express, etc.

We have good Sichuan Chinese restaurants in town and many other restaurants of note. Next time I would insist on trying something worthwhile.

Deli/ Salumeri

Agreed on nws

need a MSP Pho update

Correction....trung nam

Grand Szechuan Plymouth is toast

Luckily we still have the Bloomington location which vies for best sichuan in MSP with szechuan spice.

need a MSP Pho update

Pho Phwam at her kitchen in the hmong village. They add crispy pork belly that puts it over the top. Best value in MSP.

need a MSP Pho update

La belle crepe makes a decent banh mi also. They get baguettes from que nha.

Cafe 99?

This is run by the owner of tian Jin in Chanhassen. Tian Jin was serving top notch sichuan years ago but has been mediocre at best the past few years. The new owner raised prices, made portions significantly smaller and brought in cooks that I doubt have any grasp of sichuan cooking.

Outstanding Soup

Every soup I have had at tilia has blown me away. I rarely order soup but at tilia I wouldn't think of not getting one or two....

Nordeast-where to eat?

Been to anchor. Top notch fish. Chips....meh. Soggy and under fried. Where else?

Tritan wine glasses?

I really like my forte full red wine glasses I got at sur la table. 21 oz. and good for both red & whites.

Nov 19, 2013
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Grand Szechuan Near Bloomington Mn Cub Foods

I've always thought that grand szechuan under spices. Szechuan spice does a better job with the ma la.

looking for meat stuff...

Paradise market in Hopkins has it. They get shipments from Chicago of all polish/Russian meats. Cabanos, kielbasa, etc....

The Rabbit Hole

As one who enjoys dead flesh I look forward to the tasty animals at the rabbit hole.

a 96% guarantee [Tilia]

Tilia has incredible soups.