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Capon in the Boston Area?

Does anyone know where to buy fresh or frozen capons for cooking? Want to cook one for Thanksgiving.

Wellfleet Oyster Festival

Thank you both for your reivews and tips. I'm sold. Gonna make the trek. will post a review. Thanks!

Wellfleet Oyster Festival

Worth the drive from Boston?

Birthday Cakes in Watertown

Looking for a good bakery that makes birthday cakes in Watertown (or nearby).

Tim Tams

Thanks everyone! I recently found them at Cardullo's in Harvard Square and the Watertown Target. (Bought some at both:)

Tim Tams

Does anyone know where I can buy Tim Tams? (the yummy Australia cookie) I used to be able to find them at Shaw's and Star Market but they have mysteriously stopped stocking them. I need my Tim Tam fix!!