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Do Tasting Menus Show Us at Our Worst?

How ridiculous. I'm sure that Yelp will soon have a "Democracy Level", star rating for restaurants.
So what if it's expensive? You have the democratic right to go to any restaurant you like. I thought that's what democracy meant. You want to blow your cash on a really pricey restaurant, that is your right. The "undemocratic restaurant" would be one that someone from your social class was not allowed to go to because your dad was a working man from the projects. Get a grip.

Oct 24, 2012
skowog in Features

Big City Burrito (CO)

The original BCB is in Fort Collins. It is the only one to go to. I have been to ones in Loveland and in Denver and they do not match up. The flavor is not the same. There is something very different about how they do it apparently, but that is the only one I will go to.

Sep 15, 2010
skowog in Mountain States