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In Search Of Killer Falafel

Max's is now running a shwarma/kosher hot dog/falafel stand at National's Park, so if you're there Sun-Thur for a game, be sure to check them out! (press release here:

Cheapest edible sushi in the area?

Did someone already mention Matuba (Arlington, Columbia Pike at S. Walter Reed) $1 a piece night, I think it's Mondays only and not everything is a dollar, but I've always liked them.

Beck: Wanted to love it, but ...

When my wife and I visited Brasserie Beck two weeks ago, we sat in the bar area and, after getting two very nice beers (Hoegaarden witbier for me, I forgot what my wife had), could not get any wait staff to come back to save our lives. We tried waving, calling out, physically reaching over at a waiter as he passed. Nothing. After half an hour we left $20 on the table and walked out. Another off night?