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Christmas cake

I know it's late, but I wanted to thank you for suggesting Brick Street - I went and bought the last one and I still have some left....DELICIOUS....

Christmas cake

Thanks!!!! Will check it out tonight!!

Christmas cake

Thanks!!!! Am going there tonight!!

Christmas cake

Does anyone know where I can get an excellent Christmas cake? I never liked the stuff until Pusateri's sold a wonderful cake that was mostly nut-based, at about $60 for a small piece, in their Yorkville location. It's been about 4 years since they've sold it, and I really miss it.

I've tried Grandma Deb's the last couple of years, but they have been consistently dry and very disappointing.

Money is no object - I want a nice, homemade with natural ingredients Christmas cake - it's for my mum.


1539 Avenue Rd, Toronto, ON M5M, CA

Ka Chi Korean Restaurant- Shocking, unbelievably rude service!

I went to Ka Chi last week, and while the food was okay, the service was deplorable. I never, ever take the time to complain about's got to be REALLY bad for me to write about it, so when I looked up Ka Chi and found your was like my story all over again.....

My friend and I get to the restaurant and sit outside at the patio. We waited about 15 minutes for our friend and during this time, the waiter came over at least 5 times asking us if we were really expecting someone. Once the friend arrived, the owner came out and told us to order immediately . His words were, "stop wasting time and order."

When we finished eating, my two friends were going over photos of a recent trip to Europe. I could see the owner from inside, speaking in Korean and waving at us. He made a waiter come out and tell us we needed to pay right away. I put down $20 and waited for my friends to pay. The owner thought we had all paid and he came over to take the money. When I told him we hadn't all paid yet, he became even more angry and waited for everyone to pay the tab. When he was about to walk away with the money, I told him that he was being very rude. He agreed that he was rude, but he said we were even more rude because we were wasting time in his restaurant. He said if we were eating hundreds of dollars worth of food, it would be okay to linger, but we weren't. I told him I was never coming back to the restaurant, and he said, "please don't come back, any of you, I don't want to see any of you again. Leave now, leave right now." He repeated this about 12 times or so. Everyone on the patio was staring and couldn't figure out what was going on. We couldn't even leave from the front door. We had to go out the back way like criminals. I was shaking as we left. I felt like I had been punched in the stomach.

Apollo, I wish I had read your review before I went there.....

Ka Chi
612 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6G1K7, CA

Any cheap and cheerful restaurants near the Ontario College of Art & Design?

Am looking for a cheap and cheerful dinner spot, somewhere located near OCAD. Thanks!

Afternoon Tea in downtown TO? Advice please!

Hello English Girl - hands down, the King Edward - my most favourite place for tea...I've been to the Hyatt, Four Seasons, Windsor Arms, Old Mill, The Royal York, and the Eddie is my favourite....

Old Mill
21 Old Mill Road, Toronto, ON M8X 1G5, CA

Windsor Arms
18 St Thomas St, Toronto, ON M5S, CA

Cheapest place to buy cashews (poor student budget working here!)

Hi there...try Tutti Frutti on 64 Kensington Avenue in Kensington Market - their bulk section is awesome...I usually walk out with 2 or 3 bags of mixed nuts/flour, etc. and never spend more than $10.....

Brunch at Provence Delices in Cabbagetown

Thanks, All!

Looking for special birthday cake

Hi millygirl, sorry for the late reply. There is no fantastic artwork in decoration, just plain and simple flowers.

Brunch at Provence Delices in Cabbagetown

Hi All,

I would like to host a birthday brunch at Provence delices in Cabbagetown. It looks lovely, and the menu seems nice, but I've never been. Should I bother? Any other suggestions?


PS: I just noticed Celestin online, another French restaurant. This one seems really nice. Anyone been? Comments? Other French restaurants that serve a lovely brunch?


Looking for special birthday cake

Hi Jules, if you go to North Pole Bakery and ask for an "Italian birthday cake" they will give you a lovely, light sponge cake with frosting and some vanilla or chocolate filling. You can even ask them to spike the inside frosting with a little rum flavouring!

As well, if you ask for a birthday cake with a "sfogliatella" inside - this is a cake with a millefeuille pastry in the centre, all covered in delectable whipped cream - it's also very good and different from the usual birthday cakes everyone gets.

The owner's name is Lucia.....

Looking for special birthday cake

Hi there, Sweetpea - I went to Rahier over the weekend and picked up a gorgeous cake. It was a hit - thanks so much!

Looking for food shops in Kensington Market

Thanks, Maple - the horchata sounds divine!!

Looking for special birthday cake

Thanks, Sweetpea!

I think I might just chlepp all the way to Rahier - I have heard wonderful things about this place....will let you know what I come up with!!!

Looking for special birthday cake

Thanks, Sman - I'll check the Frangipane website.....

Looking for special birthday cake


Have been to Stubbe - I love it there! - I took a truffle making class - it was awesome!! I've also tried their Sachertorte - it is divine!!!

Looking for special birthday cake

Hi all,

I want to get something special for my dad's 77th birthday.

He hates chocolate and doesn't like whipped cream.

For the last 25 years, he's had the Saint-Honore cake from Patachou or Riviera Bakery.

I've also got him beautiful cakes from Dufflet, Clafouti, and North Pole Bakery, but I want to get him something from a bakery I've never been to.

I know it's not much to go own, but does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks a lot!

PS: Am thinking of schlepping all the way to Rahier on Bayview / Eglinton - anyone been? Recommendations?

Thanks again

Looking for food shops in Kensington Market

thanks, all!

Early Breakfast Spot in the Financial District

JennJenn! I loved it - it's a great spot - and it was a very successful meeting! Thanks so much!!

Hidden away, independent cafes, worth making a special trip to visit.

The Merchants of Green Coffee, 2 Matilda Street, near Broadview/Queen.

This place has awesome coffee, a great ambiance, and coffee classes. There are also free coffee brewing demos on a daily basis.

Venue near Yonge/Bloor

Hi all,

Am looking for a venue for dinner with a friend, near the subway line on Yonge/Bloor. Actually, anywhere on the subway line, going as far north as Yonge/St. Clair.

Preferably ethnic, nice ambiance, not too expensive.


HELP! - Imminent visit - Ethiopian spices, curry leaves, interesting spices downtown

Hi there,
House of Spice in Kensington Market does have curry leaves - I just bought some on Saturday.

Afternoon Tea in downtown TO? Advice please!

By far, the King Edward Hotel - great tea, beautiful ambiance, and wonderful food. I've also been to tea at the Four Seasons, the Royal York, and the Hyatt, so I've been around a few places.


Within walking distance from the Art Gallery of Ontario?

Hi there,
I really, really like Frank - it's classy, the food is great, and the service is impeccable. If you are on a tighter budget, Art Square & Cafe is right across the street - they serve awesome food with fresh ingredients. I always order crepes when I go there.

Early Breakfast Spot in the Financial District

Over Easy!!!! I've always wanted to try that place, and I didn't know there was one in the Financial District!! Thanks so much, jennjen18!

Early Breakfast Spot in the Financial District

Hello All,

I have a networking breakfast at 7:30 am in the Financial District. Any suggestions for a venue? Nothing fancy, just coffee and something nice to eat, preferably near King/Bay.


Saturday breakfast/brunch restaturant/buffet recommendations in downtown Toronto!

Hi there,
I host Saturday brunch every weekend. Here are some places that my friends and I enjoy:
Frank at the AGO
Zoe's Bakery & Cafe on King West
La Bodega in Kensington Market
Chez Cora
Barrio Lounge in Queen East
The Peartree Restaurant in Cabbagetown
Mildred's Temple Kitchen in Liberty Village

You might also want to try the Distillery District - I know Mill Street Pub & Restaurant do a Saturday brunch as well.


Ethnic brunch spots in Toronto?

Thanks Arcadiaseeker! I didn't realize Boulevard Cafe did Peruvian.

Ethnic brunch spots in Toronto?

Thanks, nuggieg!!! Debu's looks awesome!!!