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Seating at The Spice Market

I'm having dinner at The Spice Market on W. 13 Street next week. Is the ambiance/atmosphere better upstairs or downstairs? Is it better to be seated one place than another in the restaurant? If one spot is nicer than another in the restaurant, I'd like to request to be seated there. The tasting menu sounds interesting. Does anyone have any suggestions on drinks, entrees, desserts that we should order?

Feb 13, 2010
nyc2fwb in Manhattan

recommendations for Spice Market tonight?

Where is the best place to be seated at the Spice Market? I will be going there in a few weeks and was wondering if I should put in a special request for seating. I'm planning to try the tasting menu and am looking forward to it!

Feb 05, 2010
nyc2fwb in Manhattan

The Spice Market .....Seating

I will be going to The Spice Market on W. 13 Street for the first time in a few weeks . We will be a party of 3. Is there a "nicer" spot in the restaurant where I should request to be seated? Any menu recommendations? Thanks for your help!

Feb 03, 2010
nyc2fwb in Manhattan