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Wagyu beef

check out Mc Cormack meats.

They carry Snake River Farms Wagyu (cross Angus and Wagyu I believe). Better than Kobe Classic IMHO. Unfortunately I don't remember the price at all but it was probably around $200/kg maybe? Don't take my word for it though it would be best to call.

Funny story about that place. I've been a few times and once I went it was around F1 weekend, they had not a single Wagyu steak left as the F1 teams cleared them out.

APDC's Sugar Shack - Benefit dinner

I think you forgot to mention the non profit

where to find coagulant for making tofu?

A few years ago I bought a 250g bag of nigari at Tau in Laval. Not sure if they still carry it or if it is available in other locations. Cost was just under $20 and will make A LOT of tofu.

Authentic Sushi with Japanese Chef

I have been many times because I believe it is one of the best sushi restaurants in Montreal. Although that is not to say it is actually very good sushi which should give you an idea of how I feel about the sushi in this city. I have asked for otoro and what I received was a huge disappointment. The uni was also a massive failure tasting and smelling very chemically. But aside from those two, everything else was good. Back in the day when they used to have a full tasting menu mixing Japanese and French dishes, I felt that the French dishes were actually very good.

Price of dry aged beef

Great post papsology. It is very unfortunate that a lot of professional butchers don't know where their beef comes from. Sadly though I think that most Montrealers are content with commodity beef so butchers probably purchase their beef from wholesalers that themselves don't know all the details of their products. If you are able to get to the West Island though, Les Epicurieux is very knowledgeable about their products although for their dry-aged beef, I still feel that Le Marchand du Bourg offers a better (more $$$) product. See my post earlier in the thread for details.

Price of dry aged beef

I have aged a full rib before in my fridge for almost 2 weeks. the results were great but cannot compare to a professional setup. at this point, given that I eat red meat fairly rarely and view it mostly as a treat, I am willing to pay the premium price at a butcher to avoid the hassle and lower quality results of doing it myself.

Price of dry aged beef

the rack came trimmed already. I asked him to leave it untrimmed but he would not and I didn't make a big deal about it since it takes a skilled hand to properly trim a rack like this. bones were also removed already so I can't say with certainty that it was 7 ribs but based on the size I am pretty certain it was.

in my opinion I think it was reasonably priced if you are in the market for premium beef. there was a butcher I once went to that was going to charge almost 600 for a full prime grade non-aged rack.

Price of dry aged beef

The results are in.

The Epicurieux is an excellent steak, but the 120 from Marchand is FAR superior.

The steaks were prepared in the following manner:

1. I let them warm up for 5 hours in my kitchen which I keep at around 21 degrees.

2. 2 hours before cooking I salted both steaks very heavily with extra fine kosher salt.

3. I seared all sides of the steak in a very hot pan with butter and grape seed oil.

4. Steaks were placed in a 350 degree oven to roast until the internal temperature hit 120.

5. I then let the steaks rest on kitchen paper for 10 minutes.

In the first picture you will see the steaks cut (120 on the left). Sorry for the blurriness. But visually, both steaks after cooking are virtually identical. The 120 maintains its earthier aroma, but the 50 is a bit juicier.

In the second picture below you will see the steaks after they have rested (the 120 day is on the left). I should note that my better sense prevailed and I only cooked half of each steak. The other halves will probably be eaten on New Year's.

As mentioned at the start, the 120 wins the taste test hands down. The flavor is vastly more complex, with undertones of mushrooms and minerals. In some ways it is as far from a regular piece of beef as lamb is. I am not trying to be philosophical, but there are moments when eating a large steak, regardless of the quality, that I start to get a bit beef drunk. With the 120 I never hit that point but maybe that is just because the flavor was just so unusual. But please don't misunderstand, the 50 was still a great steak. Probably better than any Angus I have purchased from any store or had in a restaurant. It was extremely tender and flavorful, just not as complex and also eventually brought on the beef drunkiness.

Now the downsides of the 120. Obviously it is very expensive. Second, since it was more marbled than the 50, I found it coated my mouth in an unpleasant fat. This is much different from my experiences with both real Kobe and domestic Wagyu blends where I found the fat to be much more pleasant. This brings me to another point. I have eaten A5 Kobe, and Wagyus from Snake River Farms and Kobe Beef Classic. Of those, for me the A5 wins easily still. After that, it is really a tossup between the Snake River Farms Wagyu and the 120. Below that would be the Kobe Beef Classic and then the 50.

Now to have made this a really comprehensive test I should have also purchased a 40 day from Marchand. As I mentioned in my previous post, I wonder if some of the differences between the 120 from Marchand and the 50 from Epicurieux can be attributed to cattle breed and/or aging technique. In fact it is my strong suspicion that this is the case and perhaps I just prefer Marchand's aging technique and western cattle. Perhaps it is a test I will try next year when my next urging for steak hits.

I hope these long and detailed posts have helped. Happy holidays!

Price of dry aged beef

Here are the steaks warming up to room temp. I cut off a two inch steak from the whole rib I got from Les Epicurieux. After butchering, the rib yielded 8 steaks 2 inches thick for $310. My initial thoughts:

- The steak from Le Marchand Du Bourg appears more marbled and is quite a bit firmer to the touch.

- I cut a small cross section of each steak and the Epicurieux is much wetter and lighter red. The Marchand is very deep red even in the cross section. It is practically the same colour within as on the surface as seen in the photo.

- The smell of the Marchand is much earthier and mustier. The Epicurieux also has a nice funk but much less than I expected. It still smells very close to a good quality wet aged or young dry aged steak.

- As mentioned in my previous post, I previously purchased some ground beef from Marchand that came from a 40 day aged cut. I would say that the smell of that ground beef and my 120 day steak are very similar. I therefore attribute the vast difference in smell between the Marchand and Epicurieux steaks to aging technique and/or cow breed.

Stay tuned for the cook-off!

Duck promo at Loblaws this week

This is the one in Laval on St. Martin. I thought they were all being converted though.

I think these ducks are actually quite good roasted. After thawing I wash and hang them in the fridge for 7 days. The amount of blood that drips out is crazy. And as with beef, the aging helps break down the muscle fibers and yields a tender bird. The skin also gets very dry which helps in crisping. Downside is that it starts to smell a bit funky and I won't pick too much at the meat closest to the cavity. But still a quality duck.

Price of dry aged beef

CH has cost me some money...

For various reasons I had been abstaining from beef for a few months. With my issues gone, I have been craving a quality steak and came across this thread.

Here is the scoop.

Marchand Du Bourg:
40 day dry age $60/kg
120 day dry age $120/kg

Les Epicurieux:
50 day dry age $72/kg

So I called Les Epicurieux first and asked if they had any 50 day and they offered me the entire rack for around $300 (final price to be determined upon weighing, and they sell individual steaks also). Given my beef deficiency I said yes and reserved for the 24th over the phone.

Then I started thinking. Previously, the most aged piece of meat I had had was an 89 day at EMP in NYC. So I called up Le Marchand Du Bourg and inquired about the 120 day and he gave me the price. Steaks are sold in 2 inch pieces for about $100. Tough choice but I believe the right one was made. I asked to reserve one but was told that this could only be done in-store.

So I made the trip to the store and was quite shocked by how unlike a butcher shop this place appears. I can't really accurately describe how it looks. Kind of like an antique shop or a cigar store. In back though is a wood clad aging room with shelves of aging racks. There was even a 360 day being sold at $300 per steak! So I reserved my 120 day for the 24th and plan on cooking this one and the 50 day. For science of course.

While I was there, I also picked up around 500g of ground beef from a 40 day. Not exactly sure what cut it was from but it looked like a brisket. The price I believe was $30/kg. They also sell 120 day but had none available on that day. Long story short, best burger I have ever had. The flavor was intense, almost mushroomy, less minerally than I expected. Anyways, very interesting place. Quirky like the owner.

So having tried neither yet, my expectation is that I will prefer the 50 day. At least I hope I do given the difference in price and the fact that I will have an entire rack. But also the cut from Les Epicurieux is V.S.C. beef (local) whereas Le Marchand Du Bourg sells western beef. Taste is most important though so I will see on the 24th.

Duck promo at Loblaws this week

Actually I just realized I bought my utility ducks at a Maxi that used to be a Loblaws, hence my confusion.

Duck promo at Loblaws this week

They had the same sale a few weeks ago. Be careful they aren't utility ducks that are missing parts. I didn't notice this when I bought 2 and both were missing a whole thigh and leg.

Wagyu Beef

Although irrational it does an adequate job of indicating a Japanese breed, crossbred with a native breed cattle, likely Angus which is itself a crossbreed.

The world is full of these false terms and umbrellas. Most people will use the word sushi when describing a sashimi. No point trying to correct them. Even more wrong is the use of the word Kobe instead of American or Australian wagyu.

Cream in Canada/Montreal

I am pretty shocked that they would use this additive in their product. I don't know very much about the subject so I hope someone more knowledgeable will chime in. But there is a lot of research that indicates that the use of sodium nitrate, which converts to sodium nitrite, is very VERY bad for you. I am sure there are counter studies but I do my best to avoid it when alternative products exist. Last year in China 3 children died from milk tainted with nitrite. I don't know what the concentration was but nevertheless...

Now again I don't know much about this subject. My wife is a biologist and she says we should try to avoid it when we can. I still occasionally eat charcuterie though I try to purchase only those that are nitrite free. But for milk, I see no reason for nitrite. Pasteurization might not be perfect, but if all the studies are true it is far better than sodium nitrite.

Now the big question is whether "sel de céleri en lacto fermentation" is cultered celery extract. I believe it is.

Cream in Canada/Montreal

Really??? Does it list cultured celery extract?

Fresh san marzano tomatoes??

Thanks picked one up!

Fresh san marzano tomatoes??

Picked up a bushel of the San Marzane for 13$ last night. Does anyone know where I can purchase an electric tomato press?

Wagyu Beef

There is a butcher in the Marche 440 in Laval that may still sell it. I haven't asked him in a very long time though. It is the butcher in front of the SAQ.

Macchi Inc. in Laval

I have no idea if that is a good deal or how much bottarga you would put on a single plate :)

I might give them a call to place an order. They seem to supply their products to a lot of good MTL restaurants.

Macchi Inc. in Laval

Any idea what their prices are like?

Cabane a sucre Au Pied de Cochon

Ate there last night and had a great time. Highlights for me were the four appetizers (especially the pasta) and desserts. Main courses were good but not great. Service was excellent with a festive atmosphere. Picard was in the house and I was told he is almost always there now as the big restaurant downtown is running fine without him. Highly recommended if you can get in and go with a big group as the meal is quite long.

Also there is no need to bring your own container as they provide them.

Where to buy beef ribs

Everything is relative. This weekend I was at Colfax (Grande Marche actually) and they were cheaper than pork back ribs. Don't remember the exact price unfortunately.

Chicago Trip Report Part 1 - L2O, Tru, Alinea, Sprout, Schwa, Topolobampo, Purple Pig and more

That is really unfortunate. It really was an amazing experience.

Aug 06, 2012
nextguy in Chicago Area

Toronto fine dining advice Sunday night

I would enjoy nothing more but with Acadia and Splendido already booked, and with Yours Truly having rather limited days of operation, and cost issues aside, I am not sure I can fit another restaurant into this trip.

Toronto fine dining advice Sunday night

I ended up making a reservation at Acadia and requested the 9 course menu.

But I also managed to free up another night on this trip and I am now considering Splendido and Yours Truly. Splendido has gotten a lot good reviews but Yours Truly seems very mixed. I do find that Yours Truly has a more interesting menu, and not because of its similarities with EMP which I have been to. What are the opinions?

Toronto fine dining advice Sunday night

Thanks for your help I will look up this restaurant. Sundays are tough in every city.

Toronto fine dining advice Sunday night

I'll be in Toronto for one night at the end of July on a Sunday and I am noticing that fine dining places like Splendido are closed. Can someone suggest the best restaurants open on a Sunday night money no object? I would prefer very fine dining with a tasting menu.


Do you agree with concierge's recommendations in Old Montreal?

I worked many years at a hotel management company. Your concierge's recommendations were quite possibly due to receiving referral bonuses or some other such "rewards". Stick with the recommendations from the board. It has never steered me wrong :)

Chicago Trip Report Part 1 - L2O, Tru, Alinea, Sprout, Schwa, Topolobampo, Purple Pig and more

My meal at L2o last December was in the tatami room which I highly recommend to anyone visiting the restaurant. The tatami menu is slightly longer with items not found in the main dining room and the service was simply amazing. Having eaten at several starred restaurants of all levels I can say without doubt that the Michelin inspectors made a mistake by awarding only 1 star.

Jun 25, 2012
nextguy in Chicago Area