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Outstanding execution found at Bruno's

I heard that too.

what's up at 18th and Conneticut?

A new place called Rocketfish just opened, I haven't tried it yet, but have heard good things!


My brother LOVES meat, and I'm thinking of getting him a gift certificate to Espetus for his birthday. I've never been, and they don't have prices on their menu. Has anyone tried this place? What would you say an average dinner for 2 with a couple of drinks would cost?

Napa Brunch

Going to Napa this weekend, looking for a great place for Sunday brunch. Any suggestions?

NY in a week

I get to come to Manhattan for a week on business, all the way from foggy San Francisco, and I'm looking for some fun suggestions on places to eat, things to see and do. I've been to NY numerous times, but this time my mom has decided to tag along, fun!! Looking for hole-in-the-wall restaurants, things generally off the tourist beaten path... Thanks for your help!

Feb 09, 2010
FieryCraft in Manhattan

Happy Hour in SF

I love a good happy hour but sometimes can't make it during the allotted hour. Can anyone recommend a bar that does happy hour until 7 or so?

best dim sum in SF?

Pearl City is a great place, but go EARLY or the wait takes forever!!

Best Gyro in San Francisco?

I love a good Gyro, but can't seem to find any in San Francisco. A stall at the Emeryville Public Market has a pretty good one, but would love to get one without bridge toll. Any thoughts?