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Need recommendations in Aventura for lunch and dinner. Although, I love Bourbon Steak I think it will be too expensive for my friends who will be joining me.

Instead of Barton Gs

You are totally right Frod. Outstanding food and fun place.

Instead of Barton Gs

Son of a friend turning 18. He wants to go to BartonGs but Mom not so much. What would you substitute for an 18th birthday meal celebration?

When does Lucali open in Miami and where?

Just reading NY magazine and noticed pizzeria Lucali is said to open in Miami. Does anyone know when and where that would be?

Where to eat breakfast 8th street super west on way to everglades?

Have a pair of friends that don't speak spanish at all and they want to eat breakfast on the way out to the everglades on 8th street. Versailles and La Carreta are out because to far east. Anyone?

Charlotte bistro Coral Gables

Is it closed? No one answers phone and its off line with open reservation. Any other suggestions in Coral Gables?


What's up with Gigis?

Thank you Frod. Will give it a try then.

What's up with Gigis?

We would like to take our friend to lunch there on Tuesday. There are six of us and although the website says they do not take reservations I would like to talk to them about making an exception or recommending a good time to arrive since we are so many. I have called several times at different times of the day and they never answer. Are they open? Would hate to waste our drive all the way to midtown. Should we bother?

What Peruvian restaurant in Miami would you recommend to out of town friends?

Besides Chalan. Trying to stay near Kendall but would consider wider range. Except no Miami Beach.
What do you guys think?

Pubbelly or Yard bird?

Thank you for all your input. We ended up at Pubbelly sushi by mistake. However, it was very good. My son ended up ordering california rolls but they were very good. Fresh and real crab. My husband ordered the salmon which came in perfect squares kabob and wowed him. He doesn't usually like sushi or salmon but was very happy with the meal. I had the hamachi jalapeƱo which I loved. The wedge salad was extremely fresh and the dressing was outstanding. We also ordered the soft-shell crab, tomato burrata salad and the ribs. There was something for everyone and it is not run of the mill sushi although you could order standard sushi fare. Next time Pubbelly itself.

Pubbelly or Yard bird?

So two issues. Taking my 13 year old and Pubbelly does not take reservations. Will the food be too far out at Pubbelly for the kid?

Pubbelly or Yard bird?

If you were me would you go to Pubbelly or Yard bird tomorrow? Love to eat and have not tried either yet.