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Montreal / Quebec City wedding reception venue

Yeah, that's kind of why I can't consider the Science Centre. I'm planning this wedding while being in Calgary, so all the coordination for a bare-bones venue just wont happen over long-distance.
Thanks though, I hear that place is stunning :)

Montreal / Quebec City wedding reception venue

I looked into it, and they can't fit 180 people unfortunately!

Montreal / Quebec City wedding reception venue

Hi all!

I've searched high and low, but just can't seem to find a wedding reception venue that:
- Can accommodate 180 people
- Has beautiful Victorian architecture (he modern glamorous type - not the dated kind!)
- OR is a modern space with TONS of natural light. Think skylights and windows galore.
- Has good food
- Don't cost over $200 per person!

All I can find are banquet halls that have no real character, or loft-style spaces (not my taste).

Anyone have any idea that can help me out?

YYC breakfast spots

I had the same experience this Saturday. Braved the snow to finally check out 'Avenue Diner' after reading such great things about it on this board.. And when I got there, there was a huge sign saying "We have outgrown our space.."
A bit of a disappointment.. I do hope they come back bigger and better (at a similarly convenient location) so I can go check it out!

Jan 30, 2011
sabz3003 in Prairie Provinces

Calgary Steakhouse recommendation?


Jan 27, 2011
sabz3003 in Prairie Provinces

Parker House Review

I feel compelled to write a small review about Parkerhouse after the amazing experience I had there last Thursday.
My boyfriend and I went for a late-ish dinner, around 8pm. Finding parking was a nightmare, but we finally did get a good spot infront of the restaurant. We decided to go on a Thursday because we heard it was half price oysters on that day.
Upon entering, we were seated by a hostess, and I was immediately impressed by teh very upscale decor of the place. Our waiter seemed to not know that it was oyster Thursday, but we sent him to ask the cooks and he came back saying that it indeed was half off oysters, and apologized for not knowing. We forgave him and went on to look at the menu. Overall, I was not impressed by the waiter, who seemed a bit clumsy and did not seem very 'smooth' or knowledgeable about the food. I was pleasantly surprised to see a 'Under 475 calories' menu, and everything on that mini-menu looked scrumptious too, just like the rest of the menu. I wanted to try so many things! We finally ordered the rib-eye steak, bison tenderloin, tartar trio, oysters and a bottle of wine.
The oysters which came first, was okay. They were not the best I have ever had, but it was half price night, so it was not a big deal. The tartar trio was excellent. It was beef tartar, bison tartar and tuna tartar served with 3 different kind of freshly-made crisp chips the chef (or sous-chef) explained to us himself. The tartar was well-seasoned, fresh tasting, and the chips were perfect with them. VERY good start to the meal!
When the steak and the bison tenderloin came, I was blown away. One would expect bison to be tough, and especially since it was from the '475 calorie menu', I was not expecting an amazingly hearty dish. BUT, both and steak and the bison were cooked to PERFECTION. We had ordered medium-rare for both, and these were literally the softest, most TENDER pieces of meat I have EVER had in a restaurant. I am convinced I would have been able to happily cut into the steak and the bison with a butter knife. They were also perfectly seasoned and just the most delicious thing ever. I was beyond impressed. Definitely the best steak I have had, ever. Period.
We ordered 2 desserts after the meal, and even though I always love dessert, and these were good too, they could not beat the amazing steak experience I just had.

The total bill at the end of all this was $160 to boot! For oysters, an appetizer, 2 main meals, 2 desserts AND a bottle of wine, this was amazing! I left an extremely happy customer, and will DEFINITELY come back again for the steak and to try out the other things on the menu because they just sound so darn good! And I am recommending this amazing institution to everyone!

ParkerHouse Grill and Wine Bar
131 6th Avenue South West, Calgary, AB T2P 0P8, CA

Jan 25, 2011
sabz3003 in Prairie Provinces

Delicious Specials/Deals (Calgary)

Half price oysters on Thursdays, all day. $1.50 instead of $3

Open Range
Bring-Your-Own-Wine on Tuesdays

Molly Malones
10 cent wings on Mondays
Dinner+one drink for $15 on Fridays and Saturdays

Jan 25, 2011
sabz3003 in Prairie Provinces

YYC breakfast spots

I did try 'Wake' bistro a few weeks back, and it was pretty good. The service was a little slow, but very friendly. I had an omlette (not the best i've had, but still good) - cant rememeber which one, and it was served with this great multigrain bread. The bread was REALLY good. The price is about average.

Another great place for breakfast is Laurier Lounge downtown on 7th street. Its a 'french' restaurant, and it is very good. Portions are small, thankfully, because I personally don't like the monstrous portions the usual breakfast places serve. The food was fabulous and the coffee they served was SERIOUSLY good.

Laurier Lounge
1111 7 St SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0A1, CA

Jan 24, 2011
sabz3003 in Prairie Provinces

"La Casita Mexicana" in Wicked Chili (17th Ave SW), Cgy: You'd never expect this to work, but it does.

Interesting, because I found Dealfind actually has a coupon for La Casita Mexicana today.. Hmm.. Now I'm tempted to buy

La Casita Mexicana
507 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2S 0A9, CA

Jan 20, 2011
sabz3003 in Prairie Provinces

In need of a downtown Montreal brekkie spot

L'Avenue has great breakfast, but they get really packed. You should probably call ahead.

Bar/Lounge in Montreal

Does anyone know any nice lounge/bars in Montreal that's not too pretentious, yet not the overeager clubbing type. Something a bit affordable would be nice too. We're all around 25 years old.

I've heard good things about Baldwin Barmacie (not a lounge really though). I happen to like Santos a lot, but its a bit overpriced in my opinion. I'm going out for my birthday with some friends, and do want people to get a bit tipsy and happy, so $12 cocktails might be a bit much :)

Any suggestions?