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JFX Farmer's Market 2010

We bought the Asian Fire Hummus, it was really fresh tasting, creamy and spicy. I loved it and would assume their other flavors would probably be good, too. They're all a little different, but somehow not as weird once they're in your mouth.

Really, does a great latte exist in Baltimore?

Spro. New location in Hampden! The only coffee in B-more, so far...

Best Fish and Chips in Victoria , Vancouver and Seattle

Interesting, I must have been there all one good days, but would agree, it's worth the risk. And if you're not into the ''scene'', i.e. the tiny restaurant space and the Neumo's shows possibly blasting upstairs on a weekend night, then, probably won't be too into it.

Feb 21, 2010
clementimes in Greater Seattle

Really, does a great latte exist in Baltimore?

:( Anyone have coffee shop reccomendations? Even if there foam isn't foam at all...?

Best Fish and Chips in Victoria , Vancouver and Seattle

Deep fried battered lemon, do you hear it swooning for you all the way from the Hill?

Feb 03, 2010
clementimes in Greater Seattle

Really, does a great latte exist in Baltimore?

I'm new to Baltimore, freshly transplanted from the all-too cliche coffee capital of the world: Seattle, Washington. As cliche as Seattle may be for coffee and rain alike, the coffee culture in Seattle (and the west coast in general, Portland and San Francisco come to mind), is vibrant and particular in how coffee is both roasted, but also prepared at the bar.

I've found it really challenging to get a decent latte in Baltimore. Many coffee shops don't seem to put the time or care in steaming the milk at a lower temperature and frothing their milk to make a deeper, softer foam. What I have seen is a lot of scalding hot cups of coffee that make my coffee loving heart sink in sadness. The foam dissolves in moments and what's left is a coffee-burnt, steaming cup of hot milk. Really, this seems like a tragedy.

Where are the latte's where there is foam left at the bottom of the cup once you're finished drinking? I'm not looking for the dry, egg-whitey kind of foam. I mean smooth, velvet foam.

Can anyone make my Valentine's wish come true and point me towards a well crafted, B-more made latte? <3

Best Fish and Chips in Victoria , Vancouver and Seattle

Hands-down, the best fish & chips in Seattle is Pike Street Fish Fry.

Without a doubt, PSFF has the largest selection of fresh fish, delicious sides, amazing home-made sauces to accompany your fish (and chips) and great, friendly service. Those boys there are really delightful. They also serve what has become my favorite extra there which is their deep friend lemon slice with your meal. Absolutely delicious. PSFF is always fresh and not too greasy, I recommed the halibut, but if they have something else that's fresh and amazing, they'll let you know.

The location is not the most versatile or chic, in a sometimes hard-to-find parking area of Capitol Hill, but a great location to walk around and drink some great coffee at Vita, stop for the world's best ice cream over at Molly Moon's, and have yourself a complete Seattle foodie experience.

Second choice in Seattle is Chinook's (Fisherman's Terminal) or Anthony's (if you're looking to sit down in a restaraunt), but after living in Seattle for over 6 years and visiting often Seattle as a kid, I've eaten LOTS of fish & chips over the years and could not recommend Pike Street Fish Fry more.

Don't be shy, try it out!

Located on the corner of Pike & 10th on Capitol Hill, in the Nuemo's building.

Feb 02, 2010
clementimes in Greater Seattle