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We recently moved back to the area from London. Before we moved, I had my finger on the pulse of the culinary scene in Manhattan and the boroughs, but after a couple of years away I feel like my knowledge is vastly dated. I know I could peruse the site and garner information to bring my knowledge back up to speed, but was wondering if any of you hard core Chowhounders could give me a concise overview of what's going on in the food scene now: what's hot? What's not? What's coming?

Thanks in advance for any and all information.

Jul 05, 2013
livetoeat in Manhattan

Definitive list of best Asian restaurants in London

Would love your help - my friends and I want to find the best of the best of the different Asian cuisines, and have thus far concluded that Thai 101 in Hammersmith (for Thai) and Atari-ya in Ealing (for sushi) are unmatched. We're moving on to Vietnamese - what do you consider the best? Heard mixed things about Song Que (but that it might have slipped as of late) or Viet Grill. Would love any and all thoughts/input.

Jan 19, 2012
livetoeat in U.K./Ireland

London The Stafford - Dining Suggestions

Before we moved here we stayed at The Stafford during our trips to London, and I remember always being underwhelmed by the food in the area, and with the recommendations given to us by the concierge.
Now having lived here and indulged greatly in the food scene, I'd go to:
1. Koya. Very casual, no reservations, and you'll probably have to wait in line, but the food is incredible.
2. Nahm. David Halkin's Thai temple in the Halkin Hotel.
3. Amaya. Upscale, trendy restaurant with fantastic Indian food.
4. Ceccione's. Italian in Mayfair. I've had three very good dinners there.
5. Zuma. On the trendier and louder side than I like, but it's never disappointed me. Unlike it's sister restaurant Roka, where I've had horrible food.
6. Yashin. New-ish sushi restaurant with "experimental" omakase. Very, very good.

None of these are overly far from where you'll be staying (and try to get put in the new section of the hotel).

Feb 28, 2011
livetoeat in U.K./Ireland

If you could only eat one meal in London...

and price was not a consideration, where would it be (for the food quality)? And why?

Dec 13, 2010
livetoeat in U.K./Ireland

Who has the best bean burger in San Antonio right now?

Taking some out of town friends unfamiliar with the wonders of bean burgers to lunch today and wanted to make sure they had the best. Thanks in advance for your help!

Mar 19, 2010
livetoeat in Texas


Kang Suh in Yonkers. Fantastic fantastic.

Best Mexican in San Antonio?

I'd second La Fogata for mole. It's great for the whole family, has a killer margarita, and is a ton of fun.

Jan 01, 2010
livetoeat in Texas

San Antonio - Best...

I fully agree with La Fogata for a must stop for Mexican food; it's a SA institution and I think it's won best margarita many times.

BBQ...I agree there is no true standout, but Barbecue Station isn't bad.

Jan 01, 2010
livetoeat in Texas

Buying Fish In or Around New Canaan

I used to be a fan of New Wave until I brought home some tuna that was absolutely rancid. I took it back immediately (didn't even take it out of the bag; the smell was overwhelming when I opened it - about 10 minutes after I purchased it), they opened the bag and immediately gave me a refund. I've never been back since and, after that experience, don't think I could ever go back since they would even sell fish of that "quality".

San Antonio 2nd week of Feb. 2009

Actually, I think La Fogata is much better now than ever before. It sure is more crowded now than I've ever seen it either, but to me it's worth the wait with a great margarita on the patio. Don't know much of a better way to spend an evening with friends.

May 10, 2009
livetoeat in Texas

Our 3-day NYC food tour report....

I love your reporting and can't wait for day 3! I think you're dead on about the restaurants.

May 10, 2009
livetoeat in Manhattan

What should I order at Tia Pol

What are the best dishes?

Apr 28, 2009
livetoeat in Manhattan

What happened to Baldoria??

Great food, then it's gone all of a sudden. What's the scoop?

Apr 22, 2009
livetoeat in Manhattan

Surprise 40th Birthday Party

I'm working with my good friend's husband to put together an incredible surprise 40th birthday party for her. A former chef herself at some of the city's top restaurants, we're looking for a place that has incredible food (including desserts), a private room, and a cool vibe. Cost is not that much of an issue, though we don't want to do a Le Bernardin or Per Se. Any suggestions? Quality of food is more of a concern over type of cuisine. Thanks for any and all help!

Apr 07, 2009
livetoeat in Manhattan

Need advice on two restaurants in the Orlando area

We're taking our daughter to Disney in March and will be staying at the Ritz. We were wondering if anyone on here had any opinions on Norman's at the Ritz as well as the Victoria and Albert restaurant at the Grand Floridian? Any Chowhound critiques would be greatly appreciated!

Jan 14, 2009
livetoeat in Florida

Question about Bangkok street food

How many Chow-hounders have either indulged in or would be willing to eat Thai food, and how many others would be skeptical due to cleanliness or other issues?

For those who have tried Thai street food, what have you had and what are your impressions?

For those who haven't or wouldn't, why would you?

Does anyone know of a shabu shabu restaurant in CT?

Specifically in the Fairfield County area? Thanks!

what do I serve with lobster rolls?

entertaining casually tonight...serving lobster rolls....and what else???

Jul 20, 2008
livetoeat in Home Cooking

foodie visit to Nantucket

We're going to Nantucket for a week of great dining. We've been to the Galley and the Pearl before, and thought both were quite good, but I'm not seeing anything about either lately....what's up? Are they still good or has there been a change?

We're also set to go to Topper's. Any thoughts?

Any suggestions for food that's really good this summer on Nantucket (as I know things change...)


looking for an awesome burger around Grand Central

any ideas?

Apr 24, 2008
livetoeat in Manhattan

need great food / can have a conversation place

was thinking Stanton Social, but way too loud. good vibe, great food, adequate noise level to allow a conversation (and the tables not on top of each other).

Anyone have any recs?

Apr 01, 2008
livetoeat in Manhattan

Restaurants everyone loves--except you

I have to agree - I'm born and raised in South Texas and thus would like to consider myself pretty knowledgeable about barbecue. And this place is not good at all. Firstly, there is no differentiated "moist brisket" on menus in Texas - Hill Country's "moist brisket" is pure fat. And Hill Country's regular brisket is more dry than even the worst barbecue in Texas.
I too am perplexed at the accolades this place receives. Take it from a Texan - it's not good. I'm married to a Yankee who loves barbecue and he found Hill Country's food to be inedible.

Mar 25, 2008
livetoeat in Manhattan

Need help!

A very important client of my husband's is coming into town, and he is a fanatic for Italian food. Much more the "traditional" route than Babbo, and maybe something more off the beaten path (though money is not an object) but in Manhattan, and I really need y'all's help! Thanks!

Mar 25, 2008
livetoeat in Manhattan

The Bronx

what would you say are the best fishmongers and butchers?

Feb 16, 2008
livetoeat in Outer Boroughs

Tex Mex in Manhattan? specifically Queso?

Real queso??? In Manhattan??? If you find some, PLEASE let me know!

Nov 29, 2007
livetoeat in Manhattan

Beef from Argentina

Does anyone know if any restaurants in the area serve beef from Argentina, or is it still illegal to import? I know that was the case around the 2004 time frame but didn't know if that was still true and am dying for some good Argentinean beef.

Nov 29, 2007
livetoeat in Manhattan

Must-Try Greek - Astoria?

I'm looking for the must-try Greek restaurants and markets in Astoria, Queens. What is it about each recommendation that sets it apart (i.e. specialty dish, selection in a market, etc.?).

Oct 25, 2007
livetoeat in Outer Boroughs

hubby's bday

a big one too...lives for steak, and not a frou frou type of restaurant either, but he is super picky. what with sparks, del frisco, old homestead, blt steak, we've been to them all...but right now, with all the steakhouse openings, what is the best out there (and he's not a huge peter luger fan) that is not uber trendy, but has the best steaks around?

Oct 01, 2007
livetoeat in Manhattan

Once-in-lifetime NYC dinner: Four Seasons vs. others

LE BERNARDIN LE BERNARDIN LE BERNARDIN. Seriously. I come from a long line of foodies, and all of our friends are foodies. A lot of them say their favorite restaurant in the world is Le Bernardin. I've probably been there 15 times and have never had a course that has been less than exemplary, and the service is the best in Manhattan. Alain Ducasse was twice as expensive and 1/10th as good; Le Bernardin is worth every penny; probably more. Stay away from the Four Seasons; it's mediocre at best.

Aug 28, 2007
livetoeat in Manhattan

Can't remember name of fabulous Kyoto restaurant

I read about it a couple of months ago; supposedly it's one of the best in the world right now. The chef goes out in the morning and, based on what he finds is the best that day in seafood, produce, etc...that's how he composes the menu. Does anyone know the name? I can't remember it for the life of me. Thanks!

Aug 27, 2007
livetoeat in Japan