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You Wanted The Best, You Got The Best! The BEST Chinese Food In MTL: New Dynasty

GOOD NEWS PEOPLE!!! I had a very fortunate encounter with New Dynasty's owner on the 55 St-Laurent bus, and from what I understood he is planning TO REOPEN NEW DYNASTY with his old chef & staff after his operation. He said the new location would be located not too far from the previous one.
I'll keep ya all informed on this one!

You Wanted The Best, You Got The Best! The BEST Chinese Food In MTL: New Dynasty

May New Dynasty rest in peace. Amen.

Restaurant Closings in 2012

I am dreaded and woeful as my favorite chinese restaurant in mtl has bit the dust. WAhhhhhhh........(sob) : New Dynasty in chinatown! (snif) I have been a loyal patron for 9 years and I know that I WILL NEVER EVER FIND ANOTHER GOOD RESTAURANT QUITE LIKE IT!!! Alas, I have been searching for months since its closure and I have realised that it is irreplaceable. No more fried rice, no more Chow Fun, no more Har Moon, no more Soo Guy, no more Fujian Rice......WAAAAHHHHH........

You Wanted The Best, You Got The Best! The BEST Chinese Food In MTL: New Dynasty

It is indeed a very sad day for me as I have just discovered of the untimely closing of one of chinatown's most authentic institutions: yes, you've guessed right, it's New Dynasty.
After being a loyal patron for over 8 years, I am profoundly saddened by this. I will never forget this amazing restaurant, wich will stay forever in my memory. RIP NEW DYNASTY (1978-2012)

fish & chips?

Le Vieux Dublin pub has great fish n chips. Comptoir 21 on St-Viateur has very decent (if a wee bit oily) FNC. Big portions, flaky wonderful FNC!
Le Vieux Dublin's FNC are turbot, not sole. So quality's better and very decent portions, not as greasy as Comptoir 21 though.

Where can I buy old Gourmet magazines in Montréal?

Hello everyone, I am a HUGE FAN of Gourmet magazines (although I admit I only own 2 of them, the 1985 July was (and still is to this day) my favorite mag when I was a much that I still have that old rag of a mag and a mint copy of the same issue. I also have a 1990 mag as well. I've searched high & low to find more old issues in Montréal, but alas cannot find any.

Does anyone know where I could purchase some in Montréal?

PS: I'm not interested in ordering from internet or going outside of Montréal.

Where can I find a1 sauce?

Just found the A1 at Marché PA on Parc. Price is 5.99$.

Restaurant Closings in 2012

Iguana Ranas? Another great name!!! Hey I'm on a roll today!

Restaurant Closings in 2012

What in god's name is "Murphy Boire et Manger" kind of name for a restaurant? Or is it a pub? Why is the "boire et manger" even there?!? Why not just call the place Murphy's??? Would be less mixing english and french that way? Just WHERE and WHAT is this place anyway?

Restaurant Closings in 2012

Hate Starbucks... Van Houtte or Café Noir are better.

Restaurant Closings in 2012

Heh! Olé Burgers what a weird name...

Where can I find a1 sauce?

Seen it in some dépanneurs and Dollarama I think? I have seen it for sure at a couple of locations in Montréal. Will post back if I come across any.

Le Roi Du Taco (El Rey del Taco) marché Jean-Talon

The real deal is at Taqueria Mex that's where it's at! I always order the "tres taco" with a side order of tortilla chips, salsa & mexican rice....and one of those mexican bottled drinks to wash it all down.

What can I say?
Un délice!

Authentic Cantonese Food


Heinz soups

I used to loooove the chicken noodle variety when I was a kid (1990's) but I can't seem to find it for years now?!? Does anyone know where I can find it???

What's so great about Schwartz's?

I find that smoked meat should be tender, lean and nice n' juicy. (I do admit I like Coorsh smoked meat he he) :-D

What's so great about Schwartz's?

Smoked goodness eh? Smoked crumbly dogmeat that's what SCHWARTZ is all about! Nothin' but old-fashioned cured mystery meat that crumbles after every bite....something definitely to remember. Levitt's and Dunn's are 1 billion times better, mind you.

La Pretzelleria - New pretzel place on Mont-Royal est

Right next to my house! Great poppy pretzels! They put too much salt on their regular ones though!

Fun pub to watch the game and grab a half decent poutine? friend....Champs.

The best place for smoked meat

Lester's my friend....Lester's.....

ISO Old Bay Seasoning

They got Old Bay at La Vielle Europe.

You Wanted The Best, You Got The Best! The BEST Chinese Food In MTL: New Dynasty

Don't worry lol, everyone is welcome in this thread! And yes, maybe we can get together someday and have a soup.

Best pizza in MTL

Ho YEAH!! Amelio's ROCKS! Definitely A-1 best pizz in Montréal! The Beef Pizza is tops! 2 words:


What's so great about Schwartz's?

Have you ever tried Lester's Deli on Bernard (in Outremont)? To me, it's the best Smoked Meat Montréal has to offer, not Main, and definitely NOT SCHWARTZ'S!!!!! SCHWARTZ'S IS S***!!!!

Then again gotta still try out Reuben's and Katz (in Place Ville-Marie).

Hot Wings in Montreal

Forget what I said about Champs! Just went there last night and....well they just SUCK!! It's weird 'cause they were better when I was a kid,

By the way, They got exquisite hot flamin' wings at Le Vieux Dublin pub (located on Cathcart in between University & Union).

Are there any good Doughnuts left in Montreal?

Whatever happened to Mickey Beignes? I was told they operated in 80's on the corners St-Laurent & Des Pins. Would have loved to try 'em out! I can't stand Dunkin' Donuts and I can Tim Horton's even anyone know about a good old INDENPENDENT donut place where they got Apple Fritters, Bear Claws and even (maybe) Bavarian Filled Cream Donuts?

They briefly talk about Mickey Beignes in this thread:

Restaurant Ethan in Chinatown

Ha! Ha! Don't worry, I would of found it sooner or later! ;-D

Restaurant Ethan in Chinatown

Ah should have came to me sooner! Amigo is preeeetttyyy bad....and....well Ethan is no better a name for a Chinese restaurant!

Restaurant Ethan in Chinatown

Alrighty! Will check it out.

Really Crappy Unhealthy Disgusting Toe-curling Junkfood!

Where I live (Québec, Canada) Poutine, Pogos, Cheap Sushi & goddamn McDonald's are the big junk food! I just hate McDonald's, although (*sigh*) I do grab frim time-to-time Double Plain Cheeseburgers (Yes, there plain: "meat" n' "cheese"). You gotta just love that mystery meat n' that good ol' process yellow slice of cheez...1 question though: WHY DOES MY ORDER ARRIVE AFTER 1 MINUTE AFTER ORDERING THE CRAP?!?

Apr 14, 2012
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