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Deep Dish Pizza in Pinellas

I second Michele's as being the best deep dish you can get in Pinellas. Don't let the sort of sketchy strip mall appearance dissuade you from going. It's the real deal. Also keep in mind that there really isn't any seating to dine in, it's best enjoyed as take-out.

A second option for deep dish that isn't nearly as authentic is BJ's Brewhouse in Pinellas Park.

Mar 31, 2011
fepey in Florida

Vegetarian Indian Drive-Through

Awwww that is too bad. I too was hoping to try this place sometime, but never got around to it. I am sure the constant construction on US19 didn't help business much. At night the place was super difficult to find and one evening I had the best initiations to get some takeout from there but passed it due to the difficulty in finding the proper exit. Maybe they can relocate to a more permanent location that has traditional sit down seating.

Mar 25, 2011
fepey in Florida

Best of Sarasota's hidden gems

Selva Grlll closed? I was last there on July4th but had a very good meal. I can't find anything online just yet about it closing but sad to hear that. Seems like you hear about a new place closing almost every week.

Sep 01, 2010
fepey in Florida

Best of Sarasota's hidden gems

Have you tried Libby's, Lan, or Vizen Sushi? All three are excellent.

Aug 12, 2010
fepey in Florida

Indian food in St. Petersburg or southern Pinellas?

Awesome write up Robert. I think you hit the nail on the head with your take on Pinellas Indian Restaurants. We certainly have better and more places than in the past. My memories of Mahal were pretty disappointing, but it was the only Pinellas place for a long time. The only problem with what we have now is that all the restaurants are mediocre at best. We certainly don't have any truly amazing Indian restaurants that knock your socks off like I have tasted in larger cities.

One more place for fdobbs1 to try they don't mind driving further north county would be Laziz which is located on 2475 North McMullen Booth Road. It too suffers from the not really distinguishing itself with "amazing" food, but it is solid enough and worth a try if you are wanting some variety/diversity.

2475 N McMullen Booth Rd Ste J, Clearwater, FL 33759

Jul 30, 2010
fepey in Florida

St Pete Beach FL

Here are some additional recommendations which are close by:

Mexican on St Pete Beach - Agave
New Tex-Mex in Gulfport which is near by - Peg's Pizza Cantina
Mexican in downtown St. Pete - Red Mesa Cantina
Florida Style Seafood - Ted Peter's Smoked Fish (St.Pete/Pasadena) and Walt'z Fish Shak (Madeira) - These two are both outstanding....
More Upscale Seafood - Madfish (St.Pete Beach) and Middle Grounds Grill (Treasure Island)
Ceviche in downtown St. Pete is going to be the closest and best Tapas. Try Cafe Alma for non-Spanish tapas.

Sea Critters seems gross inside to me, I had a bad experience there and so have others. Check out the reviews, before going.

Red Mesa Cantina
128 3rd St, Saint Petersburg, FL

Walt'z Fish Shak
224 Boardwalk Pl E, Madeira Beach, FL 33708

5200 Gulf Boulevard, St. Pete Beach, FL 33706

Middle Grounds Grill
10925 Gulf Blvd, Treasure Island, FL 33706

Peg's Pizza Cantina
3038 Beach Blvd S, Gulfport, FL 33707

Cafe Alma
260 1st Ave S Ste 100, Saint Petersburg, FL 33701

Jul 29, 2010
fepey in Florida

Where is the best no frills Seafood in all of Florida?

I second Walt'z as being the real deal. I can describe it in three words: fresh, flavorful and delicious. There is no set menu instead a chalkboard highlights what is fresh and being served that day. The times I've been there the menu consisted heavily of grouper, shrimp, and crab offerings. For an idea about price the grouper sandwich was being offered at 12 dollars. I have had it both blackened and fried, and prefer it blackened. The grouper is huge with almost half of it was actually hanging off the side and out the bun. The blackened comes spiced and cooked perfectly as to not overwhelm the flavor of the fish. The fried option is very lightly dusted perfectly crispy, and did not suffer from the heavy oiled mess that is so prevalent at chintzy seafood places. The fish tasted great on a simple yeasty kaiser roll and came with some lettuce, onion, and pickle. There wasn't any sauce present which was fine by me as it let the fish flavors take center stage, but I can see some people wanting a sauce of some kind. They have a yummy chipotle mayo that would be a perfect addition. Overall, it's a perfect example of a Florida Gulf Coast beach-side seafood restaurant.

Jul 22, 2010
fepey in Florida

Where is the best no frills Seafood in all of Florida?

Ted Peter's Smoked Fish fits the bill for everything that you mentioned. They feature the best smoked fish on the planet. Ted Peters is a St. Petersburg institution and with good reason. Their smoked fish is out of this world good. I love their salmon as it so moist and fork tender with a beautiful smokey char crust and flavor. The fish spread is also so delicious you will end up wishing every tuna fish sandwich around the country was filled with this stuff. I never get them (I'm too hung up on the fish) but the cheese burgers are also very popular. I routinely have out of town guests demand at least one visit to Ted Peters, and I can't blame them. This is one landmark restaurant that lives up to the hype and must be experienced. They are cash only, and it is usually packed (a good sign for any yummy place) so expect to fight for parking and wait for a table, but be richly rewarded with impeccable smoked salmon, mahi-mahi, mackerel, or mullet. You can also watch a Diners, Dives, and Drive Ins episode featuring the place here ->

Ted Peter's Famous Smoked Fish
St. Petersburg, FL, St Petersburg, FL

Jul 22, 2010
fepey in Florida

ISO restaurants near Postcard Inn

Agave will be the best Mexican you can find on St. Pete Beach. 6400 Gulf Blvd. Peg's Pizza Cantina is near by in Gulf Port and would be a second option, they are Mexican infused Tex Mex, but done very well with a great selection of Draft Beer. The only problem is that it is too far to walk, so you'd need to grab a taxi. Downtown Gulf Port is cute too.

Since you are in Tampa you should try a Cuban sandwich as it's something we are known for at Bella Habana, which is near your hotel on 5905 Gulf Blvd.

Lastly, I have two seafood picks. First get a taxi to go to Ted Peter's Smoked Fish. It is a local institution and has to die for fish and potato salad. It is very casual and informal and has a classic Florida vibe to it. Secondly, for a nicer upscale dinner out Try MadFish which is close to your hotel. Very good and creative menu there. Don't be fooled by the diner appearance on the outside, it is upscale and fancy in.

Habana Cafe
5404 Gulfport Blvd S, Gulfport, FL 33707

Peg's Pizza Cantina
3038 Beach Blvd S, Gulfport, FL 33707

Mar 29, 2010
fepey in Florida

Where to Eat in Clearwater or Tampa Near Phillies Bright Field House Stadium?

If he is a Phillies fan ( and to be honest even if you aren't my recommendation still stands) you must go to Lenny's for breakfast or lunch. It is a a great place and has fun kitchy decor with a heavy amount of Phillie's baseball memorabilia. They give you a yummy complementary danish basket with food, and omelets are to die for. Really good kosher deli type food is available too for lunch. It's been there on US19 forever and is a local institution.

Other good Clearwater stops which you can further research on Chowhound or elsewhere are Cristino's Coal Fired Pizza (downtown CW on Ft. Harrison) and La Cabana Del Tio which is an awesome Mexican Taqueria which offers amazing homemade corn tortillas.

For more elegant dining options, Cafe Ponte is near by and is a winner in my book. It is in the Icot Center off Ulmerton and features world inspired New American plates. And closer to your hotel you may want to try Sushi Fune in the Bardmoor Plaza off Bryan Dairy for exceptional Sushi ( if you are both into that).

Enjoy your trip down for Spring Training, and hope you eat well while you're here.

Cafe Ponte
13505 Icot Blvd. Suite 214, Clearwater, FL 33760

Sushi Fune
10801 Starkey Rd Ste 18, Seminole, FL 33777

La Cabana
8303 N Armenia Ave Ste 1, Tampa, FL 33604

Mar 18, 2010
fepey in Florida

HELP!!Seminole/Largo area new implants... from AZ! NEEEEEED Mexican food!!

So Senor Loco's is as bad as it looks from the outside! No surprise there. It's a shame that with so few good Mexican Restaurants in Pinellas there is wasted space for such a lousy one. So here are some better options.

The closest to Seminole would be Carmelita's. They have many locations but the closest would be Park Street near Park Blvd and Belcher and Ulmerton. There is also a Tri-City location. Carmelita's has been open forever in the area and the menu is a little tired and stagnant, but I find it to be an old reliable and it rarely disappoints. They have an excellent mild salsa which comes with the complementary chips. It is always super frseh with a nice bite of onion and cilantro taste. The hot salsa is also good but you have to ask for it and it is mostly jalapeno based. Their Guacamole is good as are any enchiladas. Try the enchiladas banderas which is three corn tortilla filled enchiladas with three sauces ( red + green chilies and crema fresca).

Surprisingly there aren't as many Mexican restaurants as one would expect in Pinellas. The other closest option to Seminole is Los Mariachis and I find their food to be a bit too greasy and I've never been impressed. If you are wiling to drive a bit towards St Petersburg there is Estellas on Roosevelt Blvd which is very good and also Red Mesa on 4th which is more of a higher end mex- fusion restaurant. The opposite direction towards northern Pinellas offers Casa Tina in Duendin and Carambas in Clearwater. Casa Tina has awesome vegetarian and fish options and is a step above all the places I have listed thus far. Red Mesa is also a highlight and one of the stronger Mexican places.
Red Mesa on 4th street is their original location and they also have a downtown St. Pete cantina with awesome al a carte Taco options like: duck, shrimp, fish, and tofu.

heck out La Cabana del Tio on 1709 Drew St, just past downtown. It is a great mom and pop taqueria featuring to die for hand pressed corn tortillas. This is more of counter service with a few tables, so take that into consideration. Two other Clearwater options that are more traditional/sitdown restaurants include Los Mayos on 1200 Cleveland Street and Lakeview Grill on 1510 Lakeview Road. Other options are also Carambas on 1842 Drew Street, and Carmelita's which is a bit farther off the beach on 5042 East Bay Drive
El Maguey Taqueria is pretty good - 66th Street Pinellas Park.

There is one place I haven't had an opportunity to try yet.
El Toro Negro - 54th ave Kenneth City - highly recommended for their Chalupas and salsa bar.

Lastly, I know they aren't necessarily authentic but the area does have many fast food "Mexican" options such as Moes, Chipotles, and Tijuana Flats. With Tijuana flats being my favorite of those three options.

Also if you want to venture over to Tampa you should try El Taconazo and Mema's Alaskan. Both are great.

Have fun trying out those options I provided and if anyone else has any Seminole or other hidden gems Pinellas County I'd love to hear.

Feb 01, 2010
fepey in Florida