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Recs for grabbing a quick bite in/around the Dogpatch? [San Francisco]

It's just "Dogpatch". Not "The Dogpatch".
OK, pedant mode now set to off.
Serpentine always great...

Feb 03, 2014
sfbrit in San Francisco Bay Area

Who was the attraction at Zuni this afternoon?

Drove past around 4'ish and there must have been thirty people wielding cameras near the entrance...

Jun 23, 2013
sfbrit in San Francisco Bay Area

Christmas in the Castro?

I'd run with 2223 as a first choice, Starbelly a very close second, and then Catch, which is a stones throw from the Castro Theater which is where I'm guessing your headed for the SFGMC event. See you there!

Dec 05, 2010
sfbrit in San Francisco Bay Area

original joe's tenderloin

I wouldn't lay big money on this venue re-opening any time in the future. Marie was becoming very much less active in the operation, and the son & daughter have other primary interests. Shame - food was never that great but I liked it nonetheless, and I hate to see those old, old waiters out on the street...

Mar 06, 2008
sfbrit in San Francisco Bay Area

Recs for a visitor from London, please

Hi Caroline,
expat Brit here seconding Robert Lauriston's suggestion of Incanto. It would get you out of the downtown area into my neighborhood of Noe Valley - a trolley car would deliver you to the door or it's about a $15 cab fare.
Great food & well reviewed on this site.
Enjoy your trip!

Feb 26, 2008
sfbrit in San Francisco Bay Area

Sunday Brunch?

second that...excellent choice.

Sep 28, 2007
sfbrit in San Francisco Bay Area

Best gin selection in SF?

Absinthe has a great selection of some hard to find Gin, as well as bartenders who generally have some interesting cocktails in their repetoire.
Nice looking bar. Avoid pre-Symphony/Opera nights.

Sep 28, 2007
sfbrit in San Francisco Bay Area

Seafood spot in SF with private room?

maybe Sams Grill on Bush at Belden Alley? They have curtained booths along one side also separated from the main dining area by a walkway & wall. The largest can be configured for a dozen. Somewhat old fashioned fare but it's a nice little slice of older-time SF.

Jul 07, 2007
sfbrit in San Francisco Bay Area

Good Eats in the Castro, SF

Castro has traditionally been a dining dead-spot but SUMI (formerly Ma Tante Sumi) on 18th nr. Eureka is a great little find.
Romantic, intimate space and attentive service.

Haven't been to the Anchor Oyster Bar in a while (on Castro nr. 19th) but it used to be great for wine, chowder & oysters. Ideal for pre or post-drinkies munchies.

Jun 26, 2007
sfbrit in San Francisco Bay Area

Sunday Brunch in SF?

Third Foreign Cinema.
2223 is also good, though can be real noisy.
Consider Absinthe in Hayes Valley area.

Jun 26, 2007
sfbrit in San Francisco Bay Area

Places for a quick bite near the Castro Theater

There is no good food in the Castro proper. If you are seeking something quick there a handful of spots referenced above but nothing Chowhound inspiring.

Lived here 17 years. The boys don't come here for fine me on this one. Enjoy the theater.

Jan 27, 2007
sfbrit in San Francisco Bay Area

Unique for Parents in Noe Tonight

How about Fresca on 24th? Shouldn't be a problem with reservations. Further up the street is Lupa where I've always had luck with walk-ins. Next door is Kookiez (sp?) though I have to admit to being underwhelmed on my last visit.

As it's Monday be sure to phone ahead - some in the 'hood are closed on this day.

Nov 27, 2006
sfbrit in San Francisco Bay Area

Cluster of restaurants at 22nd & Guerrero?

I like La Provence... authentic fare in a pretty room, if a little cramped.
Friendly service - it's a Gallic Father & US born son affair. I've been about five times and it seems to draw a 60/40 mix of neighborhood locals to cross-towners.

Sep 26, 2006
sfbrit in San Francisco Bay Area

Joey & Eddie's in Noe Valley?

Where is it located? Seem to recall Noe Valley Voice mentioned Church St, but not sure where...

Sep 26, 2006
sfbrit in San Francisco Bay Area


For breakfast around San Carlos try the diner at the San Carlos Airport. Wonderful omelets & friendly service.

Counter or table service, and entertainment provided by watching the little airplanes trying to land...

Aug 31, 2006
sfbrit in San Francisco Bay Area

HELP -- Romantic Steak Dinner Location - This Tuesday Night!

Izzy's Steakhouse is a great choice, both in SF (marina district) and the peninsula (at San Carlos Airport).

Aug 28, 2006
sfbrit in San Francisco Bay Area

Dinner near the Golden Gate Theater

Original Joes is within a - very dodgy - block, up Taylor.

Very old time Italian, huge portions. Nothing very modern - menu, food prep, decor & tuxedo'd staff - but it's a place I really rather enjoy. Old time San Francisco, with a mixed crowd - on/off duty cops, city hall politicos and their ear benders, young and old.

Family run, and a nice family.

Jun 28, 2006
sfbrit in San Francisco Bay Area

SF Restaurants with great cocktails

Second Absinthe...

Good bar scene & attractive setting - zinc bar, brasserie feel. Excellent full bar (14 gins as an example) & usually some interesting cocktail specials on the chalkboard.

Excellent bartenders - they mix great cocktails, know when to chat & when not to....

Jun 24, 2006
sfbrit in San Francisco Bay Area