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Staub cookware

I recently bought a beautiful Staub Coq Au Vin 6 quart oval roasting pan. I bought it from a small store that was discontinuing the line and received a 25% discount. How could I resist.
I had been considering purchasing a LC, but there are several features that I like about the Staub. I think the Staub is better quality and is a heavier pan. (Warning: these cast iron pans are not for the weak, they are heavy.) Also, I like that the Staub has a black interior, rather than the white like the LC. So far I have been using my pan for everything.
Unfortunately, I still have a 80"s electric stove, but cast iron is ideal because it conducts the heat so well. It is too beautiful to put away, it even has very artistic looking rooster knob on the lid!

Jan 30, 2010
MidwestGirl3 in Cookware