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7 girls looking for a place to watch super bowl in Portland

As someone who lives downtown and frequents the nightlife here's a list for you:

-Thirsty lion (previously mentioned, good bar, kinda commercial) SW 2nd and Ash

-On Deck (its in the Pearl, good sports bar) NW Kearney between 12th and 13th

-Paddy's Bar and Grill (they have fewer tv's but they have the biggest alcohol assortment in Portland, excellent bartenders, good ambiance) SW 1st and Yamill

-Buffalo Wild Wings (meh! why did I put this on the list?) SW Morrison between 3rd and 4th

- Blitz Pearl (good bar, might be fratty that night) NW 10th and Couch

- Life of Riley Tavern (good food and drink, wider beer assortment) NW 10th and Everett

Good luck ladies and enjoy your time in Portland!

Jan 30, 2010
abfromnj in Metro Portland