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lobster lovin for yale mom?

If you want a good lobster dinner there is a great little road house in Milford, CT 591 Post Road called the BBQ Restaurant. They have twin lobsters for under $18.00 and know how to cook them! I am from Maine originally so they must be steamed 7 mins per pound and this place does it right. We were here last night and you will need a reservation if it is a Friday or Saturday night. They are really busy now. It is a tiny place that does a great job as food is very fresh. My partner had steak cooked to perfection and served with wonderful mashed potatoes (a meal for the land lubbers) Fresh food, great service who could ask for more?

Jul 25, 2010
cammy626 in Southern New England

Former Il Forno site - Milford, CT - BBQ, LLC?

It is so wonderful to see the old Bar B Q open once again. I did like Il Forno very much but it is nice that they have gone back to great road house food. I had the twin lobsters and they couldnt be better - steamed to perfection my partner had a steak that was tender and juicy. The service was very good - although our server did not tell us of the specials. They need to work out some kinks and get things rolling along. No more table cloths but nice booths are back in and wooden tables and chairs. Finally a place that you know you can get a good lobster at a good price. I find that there are just too many Italian restaurants in this area nad we need to support the Bar B Q restaurant for good American food, comfortable casual atmosphere and good service.

Feb 01, 2010
cammy626 in Southern New England