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Burger place opening on Gerrard

woops, just found thread already talking about this place here:

Burger place opening on Gerrard

Anyone know anything on what looks to be a very cool burger joint about to open on Gerrard - near Jones? advertising organic, free range products, facade is looking very good from what I could see as we drove by last night.

Brave location!

2010 closings

Just noticed that Magic Oven Pizza on Broadview is well as the Indian place next door that I believe they ran? Over the last few years hated their pizza anyway, used to go there in the early 2000's when it was good...something changed though.

"Maritime" style pizza - willing to go anywhere!

This sounds like montreal style pizza to me - went to university there and really miss that style of pizza - find Khadija's comments funny as almost like saying Torontonians don't like pizza with lots of toppings, cheese and sauce., guess we like it dry, spartan and overcooked!