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WVRST anyone?

I think the proper expectations need to be set before trying this place out. I do understand it is a sausage joint so I don't expect fine dining. However I wasn't a fan of the counter service which nobody has seemed to mention here. Orders have to be placed at the counter where you subsequently pay and are encouraged to give a tip before you have even received any kind of service. You then receive a corresponding number to take back to your table and then your order is delivered. The really annoying part is when you are done your sausage and want more beer. Not sure if it was the time of day but we had to go to the counter and order more beer and get a corresponding number to have it delivered, not exactly conducive to the festive atmosphere of the decor. The place kind of reminded me of an indoor hot dog stand that serves beer. I had the Bratwurst which didn't blow me away and my "dining" companion had the Italian sausage and some fries. Overall it was very underwhelming. On a positive note the beer selection is pretty amazing and it is one of more laid back spots in the area.

Greektown at Easter - what's open?

Thanks Prima, I'll wander over on Saturday and try my luck.

Greektown at Easter - what's open?

I was thinking of hitting up Pape/Danforth this Easter (Friday or Saturday). Does anyone have any idea if stores will be open? I was thinking specifically of the greek bakeries and I wanted to finally try Folia Grill. I'll give them a call later in the week to check, but thought I'd ask here first...

Folia Grill
1031 Pape Ave, Toronto, ON M4K 3V9, CA

Top Chef Canada Ep 1 [also has discussion of episode 2]

Curious as to whether you actually watched the show.

It seems a little premature to complain about the lack of 'CanCon' based on a single introductory episode.

That said, I did find the show somewhat flat and clunky, and am definitely not a fan of McEwen's screen persona.

Anyone been to Rosebud lately?

Unfortunately I have to agree with pitap. Went to Rosebud last week and it is a pale imitation of its former self. It is obvious that the captain has abandoned ship, as evidenced by the lacklustre food and lackadaisical service. Even the signature decorative items have gone (e.g. the sled). Critisizing a place in which one has enjoyed so many meals feels a little bit like dissing an ex one still has feelings for, so I'll leave it at that.

Ciao Wine Bar Opens Tomorrow

I would never turn down an invite to meet up with good friends and sometimes I even let them chose the destination. I wasn't overly excited to try this place out as it really isn't my scene but alas it wasn't my choice so all excuses aside I do have some advice for fellow CH'ers who find themselves in the same predicament.

First off I would like to say the service was more than adequate and I had absolutely no issues with it. Food-wise, your choices are basically Pasta or Pizza and this is where I went wrong. My friends had the pizza and absolutely loved it while I had what was described as fresh pappardelle with slow cooked lamb ragu and pecorino shavings. I figured it was such a simple dish that not much could go wrong with it, but I was proved wrong. The pasta was horribly overcooked, so much so that it had dissolved and gelled into a paste. The purported lamb ragu turned out to be a basic tomato sauce, ladled around and over the mound of pasta, on top of which had been placed a few chunks of dry and tasteless lamb. To add insult to injury, the pecorino must have been shaved long in advance, as it was rock hard. All this for $21. Had I not been dining as part of a group, I would have sent this dish back and ordered something else.

Should you find yourself at Ciao Wine Bar, do yourselves a favour and stick to the pizza.

Anyone been to Rosebud lately?

Thank you everyone for your feedback. I have decided to give it one last go despite the warnings. Going into a place with lowered expectations helps the cause! All joking aside, I will report back with a full review very soon.

Anyone been to Rosebud lately?

I was sad to see the "for sale" sign and was wondering if they are still putting out quality eats or are they on autopilot/who cares mode. I would like to go for a last supper before the ship sails but worry that it may not be worth my while. Has anyone been lately?