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Montreal Best Chow Mein?

I will not go to a Vietnamese restaurant for Chinese food, even though there are many Chinese in Vietnam. I'm a food racist: I like authenticity. So if it's Cantonese chow mein, I go to a Cantonese restaurant. It may be blander, but as long as it's not greasy, it's probably good.

Similarly, I once went to a Vietnamese restaurant owned by Chinese, and their tonkinese soup was deplorable.

Montreal Best Chow Mein?

Thanks for the tips! I don't like VIP, too greasy. Not sure I've tried the others.

new patisseries on queen mary road

This place is a godsend to the Queen-Mary area west of D├ęcarie! I'll be reviewing it on my blog soon!

Montreal Best Chow Mein?

I love chow mein and am looking for the best restaurants that serve it in Montreal, and not too greasy. Thanks!

Restaurant Closings in 2013

If I remember correctly, Marche Adonis downtown has ajvar.

Restaurant Closings in 2013

I hope! Closer to me!

Where to eat on a Monday night?

Cafe Souvenir on Bernard in Outremont, not too far from Mile End:


Good salads and burgers.

Where to eat on a Monday night?

You can try this cheap burger tapas place, also in St-Henri:


Where to eat on a Monday night?

I'm going to have to think really hard about this one.

What about Bonnys vegetarian in St-Henri?


I will think of more.

Where to eat on a Monday night?

How do you delete your posts?

Where to eat on a Monday night?

How about under $20?

Here are some suggestions from other websites. You'll have to check if they're open Mondays: