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ยป Natural, high in fibre, close to 0 calories!

I'm back in Tokyo for a short period for hanami, meeting up with old friends, having some excellent food and looking to bring stuff back home with me. One of the things I've missed were the konnyaku jellies that I think we used to get at Donki. Link goes to the ones in question.

I've searched around and however can't find any although I'm pretty sure they're still being made. Could any kind soul point me in the direction of maybe a supermarket chain or store that would carry these?

Apr 08, 2015
CapnChaos in Japan

New Five Guys Burgers Location coming soon!

I never got the hype for 5 Guys. I've tried them three times at a different location each time and every time felt that I had been ripped off. The burgers are fresh but they lack any kind of taste. The fries however are a different animal altogether because they're absolutely delicious.

President's Choice Black Label

Some of them aren't bad, but they're typically pricer than I'm willing to pay. Which is why I do check to see what's on sale and if it's interesting enough, I'll give it a try.

Your favourite grocery store in GTA (chain or otherwise?)

Highland farms out in Mississauga wins hands down simply because of the size. It's huge and they have a good selection of foods. Prices aren't necessarily the best, but they're reasonable depending on what you buy.

In the same area there is Ocean's down on Eglinton and Hurontario where the Food Basics used to be. It's a Chinese market that sells a lot of ethnic type foods but the prices are excellent on most things. To a lesser degree there is also Grant's down on Dixie & Bloor which actually is a smaller version of Oceans.

There's Whole Foods when you need to find something upscale or an "exotic" ingredient that you can't find elsewhere. You're paying for it there though.

And for sheer convenience, there's the Loblaws close to where I live. Not my favourite place to shop because of their prices, but it's close and they're open late.

Struggling in Etobicoke/SixPoints...Help- Takeout!!

Just goes to show I ought to check these boards out more often. Yes, it is a gastronomic wasteland out here with very few places truly worth it but there are still some gems to be found.

I see people have already mentioned Milano's for pizza, John & Sandy's for BBQ and John's for fish & chips.

For sushi, save your money because you're not going to find anything that's really remarkable out here unless you pay through the nose. Kaji is possibly the best you can find but unless you want to pay $100+ for the meal you're going to have to lower your standards. I lived in Tokyo for several years and it spoiled me for what good sushi really is.

Any of the other sushi joints you're going to see are okay, but nothing mind blowing.

For Indian, there's a couple places like Chutney's on Bloor. Or Maharani on Queensway & Kipling area right next to the adult video store.

Hakka? In one word no. You need to go either north or towards the airport for Hakka.

And for Korean there's that little strip along Dundas between Kipling and Burnhamthorpe / Cordoba. There are several Korean places around there with varying degrees of tastiness. Chodang Soontofu is one, and Taste of Korea a little further up the street. That's also where John's Fish & Chips and Frank & Sandy's BBQ are.

A little bit further up the street is Lenny's for pizza. If you continue up Dundas around the bend and over the bridge there's Magoo's for burgers.

Along Bloor, just east of Islington there are a couple places. While I haven't been there in years, La Petite France did some good continental type food. The owner was French and they made a good creme brule for dessert.

Merlot just past Royal York for French.
Patisserie Saint Honore opposite the LCBO for baguettes or croissants.

And that's all I can think about off the top of my head at the moment.

Whipping cream that has been scalded.

I'm just wondering if it's possible to whip cream once it's been scalded.

I want to make a kind of spiced chocolate mousse and figure if I can add the spices to the cream and heat it almost to the boiling point then maybe it would give it a deeper flavour once I whip it and incorporate it into the mousse. Or am I just better off adding the spices along with the sugar when I whip the cream?

Sep 28, 2012
CapnChaos in Home Cooking

Bad Dinner, No Tip

As a former waitron I know how important tips are and how bad service is never rewarded. If I was rude, unhelpful and didn't check on my customer's orders then I wouldn't expect a tip. If however I did my job and went beyond what was expected from me then I'd expect one.

The server in this story is totally in the wrong but the writer really should have spoken to the manager about it. There is the chance that nothing would be done about it, but at least you've brought this to their attention.

I remember when this has worked for me, I've gotten a sincere appology from the manager, and other times that it was practically ignored and the manager practically said, "I really don't care". The former I've returned to, the latter I've stayed away from.

So a 10% tip isn't mandatory especially if he's not doing his job.

Oct 01, 2008
CapnChaos in Features