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Where to buy whipped cream chargers in Toronto?

I think I saw them at The Bay of all places.

Queen Margherita Pizza

Went there, hated the crowd, pizza not worth what you have to put up with (the crowd, snarky staff, etc...) Hopefully this new place will be a winner.

Worst in Toronto

Three simple words: East Side Marios

San Marzano tomatoes at Costco

I've had those, much better than San Marzanos in my opinion. How big is the can?

Where to buy a flavor injector in GTA

For all your BBQ needs. I believe they're by Vaughn Mills mall.

New Izakaya joint @ Yonge & Eg

I was at this place for a birthday party, the food was pretty good but it was a bit weird that they serve what appeared to be Tostitos as a table snack, or maybe it was one of the appetizers someone ordered. Are Tostitos popular in Japan?

Best Bakery in Toronto

I love San Remo's in Mimico, the cream-filled donuts are very addictive, especially the coconut and lemon ones.

Mövenpick Marché is Coming Back!

I ate at one in Switzerland at a reststop on a highway, surprisingly good for "truck stop" food. I'll be interested to try one here and see hwo it compares.