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Why Does Ketchup on a Hot Dog Piss People Off?

Who Cares? Eat what you want and how you want to. Rules are for fools.

22 (capitol hill)?

I live a block away and go there for happy hour. Drinks and truffle fries are the only things at 22 doors that I really like. The rest of the food is pretty underwhelming and pricey for what you get.

Grocery Store Roasted Chicken - Who has the best?

For small and local try out Leschi Market. They roast & smoke chickens, turkeys, hams, prime rib. They also make some amazing sausages (the lamb is amazing). Looks like a mini mart but the butcher in back is like 3rd generation and they have lots of free range organic options. Very cool.

St. Louis style provel cheese.

Yes It's a white processed cheese used in St Louis.

Here's the wiki:

St. Louis style provel cheese.

That's awesome. I'll have to check it out. Thanks!

Drinks in Belltown?

Just don't go to V Bar unless you want to get shot. Bathtub Gin can be nice when it's not filled with jerks.

Cuban food in Seattle?

Hey there. As a fellow Cuban from Miami let me first tell you the bad news. I've lived here now 14 years and I still haven't found "authentic" Cuban food up here. The truck on Aurora comes the closest for medianoches and sometimes they make pretty good croquettas de jamon. There is no place (that I know of anyways) to get Cuban chorizo. The Spanish Table on Western has pretty great Spanish sausages that come closest. You can get good plantains at Uwajimaya in the ID, Materva, Coco Rico, Iron Beer at the Latina Market in Pike Place. There is no Cuban bread in the Northwest. That's why the sandwiches are never quite right. The El Salvadorian Bakery in White Center makes the closest thing. And although they are not Cuban sandwiches the "Cuban" at Paseos is a delicious pork sandwich.

There are tons of delicious Cuban inspired things to eat in Seattle but if you want the real thing you're going to have to cook it yourself. I use these guys for impossible to find ingredients.

Good Luck.

Spanish Table
1426 Western Ave, Seattle, WA 98101

600 5th Ave S, Seattle, WA

the bitter truth creole bitters

Delaurenti's has a very large bitters selection in the wine room. Bitter Truth, Scrappys, etc...

Restaurant Week

Just did Mistral and it was amazing. Arugula Salad, Halibut, Pork Chops, and ice cream sandwiches. So stinkin' good.

St. Louis style provel cheese.

Anyone know where I could buy St. Louis Provel (not provolone) cheese around Seattle? I've been craving some slingers and prosperity sandwiches.

Papuseria- Awesome

We're getting one on Broadway too! I hope it's good.

Blueacre Opening March 19

Had lunch there yesterday. It was packed and there were a few kinks still in the kitchen so there a little bit of a wait between some dishes but overall it was a delicious meal. I know Kevin and he's a very sweet and talented chef. I happy to see him and his wife with another potential gem on their hands. Get the whole fried Idaho catfish. It was a monster of a fish, crispy skin, delicate tasty flesh, so impressive to look at. Also the salon collars are awesome. I would definitely go there just make sure you have some dough because it can add up.

Where to buy empanada dough?

I'm pretty sure El Mercato Latino down in The Market has them.

Upscale Vegan?

Sutra's menus looks great. I'll have to try it.

Upscale Vegan?

I was actually really bummed out by Plum. Hillside Quickie is better. I think Carmelitas is the hands down winner. Inventive food, not just fake meat.

Korean tofu soup in Seattle?

Kimchi Bistro on Broadway is pretty yummy.

Irish bacon or bangers

awesome, thank you.

Irish bacon or bangers

Anyone know of any seattle butchers carrying Irish bacon or sausages? I know I can order Tommy Malones online but I'd rather buy local. Any ideas?

Recommended Ethiopian Restaurants in SEA?

I used to love Kokeb but it's been years. Haven't tried them since their move.

3 Seattle Chefs on Top Chef Masters Season 2

I hope Maria Hines goes far. Women need to represent!

Seattle Pizza with Ground Sausage

Yup Piecoras does. What about Delancey?

Best Seattle Fish and Chips?

My favorite is Jacks in the market.