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Good chinese in the albany area?

CCK on Central is excellent. I like it as much as most of the places in NYC Chinatown (and I've been to quite a few). Chef's version of Singapore Mei Fun is excellent. Eggplant w/shrimp paste is outstanding. They may not have brown rice (most "authentic" Chinese places don't), but you won't find better Chinese in Albany

Guyanese in Schenectady?

Anyone got the 411 on some Guyanese food in the capital region? I've read that there is a significant Guyanese population in Schenectady, have to assume some of them cook for the masses, no?

Where to eat and drink near United Palace Theatre (175th and BDWY) tonite!

I've heard about a very good Dominican rest. across the street from the Theatre called El Conde. Any chance you have an xtra ticket for the show, I'll be heading up there in hopes of finding one.

Mar 30, 2007
Eat Well in Manhattan

Congee Village...fine, authentic, but blah.

Must agree with you on this report, so close to delicious, but not quite., although you neglected to mention perhaps the standout of the meal, steamed bread with condensed milk for dipping, understated pure genius, why didn't we order more? Why am I not eating some of this at this very moment?


Feb 17, 2007
Eat Well in Manhattan

What other typs of rice can be made in a bamboo sticky rice steamer?

Wondering if it's possible to make different kinds of rice, i.e. Jasmine, Brown, Basmati, etc., in my sticky rice steamer?. If so, would they have to be soaked overnight like sticky rice? hhmmm...

Feb 17, 2007
Eat Well in Home Cooking

Montreal: The Chowhound's Promised Land

Poutine, Spongy biscuits in a "maple-y soup", hockey.

Thank you Canada!

Feb 17, 2007
Eat Well in Features

Peanut Butter Burgers, French Fry Titans, and Bye-Bye "Streak"

Some things are better left to the imagination I guess, the chocolate ear would have fooled me...I can imagine I'm eating one right now and it's amazing, and, oddly, not filling at all.

Feb 17, 2007
Eat Well in Features

Newburgh Hot Dogs

Hey Matt,

Just checked out your website, neat. I live near Kingston and have yet to check out either of the Dallas weiner shops, will try to do so soon and report back. Have a location for Mochos?, I'll check that too...

I'm actually posting to see if you might have any info on a fabled hot dog spot somewhere near Bangor, Maine, supposedly run by a French-Canadian who fries his dogs in bacon fat. I've been trying to garner info on this establishment for awhile now to no avail, any chance you have a clue? I realize this is not totally topical for this thread but here goes anyhow...

Chile beers

I once had a New Mexican beer that was brewed with chiles, thought i was great. I regularly put a couple of shots of hot sauce in Mexican beers (got that from observing some Mexicans drink beer in a local spot). Anyone know of any "Chile" beers?

Aug 27, 2006
Eat Well in Beer

Maine Downdeast and The County

My family is from Caribou, and still has a place on Long Lake up by St. Agatha, and I'm a hound. Here's a couple of tips:

Lakeview Rest., St. Agatha. Decent food here, nothing too special, try the "blooming onion", battered, deep fried whole onion. Decent fried seafood. The real treat though is an amazing view of Long Lake and the surrounding fallow farm fields. As well as a very interesting view into life in the St. John River valley. You will here at least half the people speaking French in this establishment.

Mark's sporting club, between Sinclair and St. Agatha on rte 162. This is the "upscale" joint in the region. Good place to order lobster or steak. Somewhat unique service, as you order then wait at the bar or on the deck, which is right on the lake until your number comes up, then you are escorted into the dining room where your table is set and your meal is served immediately. Be sure to order ployes with dinner, traditional French Canadien fare, thin buckwheat pancakes, served and eaten as bread would be with dinner, commonly accompanied by molasses, maple syrup, or simply butter. Most restaurants in the area serve them.

If you're in Madawaska, check the Acadien version of the "soup man". Much friendlier than the nyc version. Look for the only "Rainbow" flag on Main st. Only open for lunch, excellent soups and sandwhiches.

Also in Madawaska: If you get lucky you might find a guy parked along main st. in a dirt parking lot serving bbq from the back of a van, if you do, this is a must try. Only comes for lunch and when the Q is done, so is he. Excellent Q and homemade BBq sauce.

As for Fort Kent, I've tried and found nothing of note in that town.

Enjoy the St. John River valley, as it is a beautiful and very unique area of this country. If you find some chowfinds, please post, as I will be heading north in Aug. as I do every year.