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DC Hound looking for special occasion resto with round table

There are plenty of amazing options for you if the round table is not a deal breaker.

Unending hunt for the perfect birthday venue

Agree with positive comments on Union. Ended up having dinner there this past Sunday (ate at the bar) as Coppa was closed for a private party. Had not been there in a while. The food was very good and the bartender & waitstaff were great. The drink prices were not bad (a martini was $10 if I remember correctly).

Quality Social

Have they opened yet and has anyone scouted them out.

Feb 10, 2010
hunterboston in San Diego


Both are pretty great and you would not go wrong with either. Try both if your schedule allows. Erbaluce is not as high priced as Sorelinna, so if you are in town for a few days you should do both.

Mare or Antico Forno for Boston Marathon

Of the last 4 you mentioned, I would go with Erbaluce. With that said, Via Matta and Prezza are solid options, with Via Matta being my choice of the 2. You can walk there from your hotel. Da Vinci has good food (am not a fan of the space/interior design). Enjoy your stay in Boston.

Curious about Sensing

There are better options if you are heading to Boston. Ate there often when they first opened, The food is good (high quality, detailed prep), portions small, but the room is design is very generic. The bar is very small. Sitting at the open kitchen is the best vantage point from my perspective. Unfortunately, it has not remained on my "short list" of places to go.

Pushcart in Saugas just opened...anyone been yet?

Any relation to the "old" Pat's Pushcart in the Nirth End?

Recommendations near Park Plaza Hotel?

Avila at 1 Charles St. is another option. But I second Via Matta.

Young NYC Professionals wanting Special Occasion Eats and Fun bars

Given that you will be in Boston on a weekend and Valentine's weekend to boot, I would recommend dinner options where you can make reservations. Solid options would be Scampo in your hotel (Clink, also in your hotel "not so much") for Friday. For Saturday, Mistral as noted is also very good. Sorellina in the Back Bay is also a very solid option.

The newest/must see places are Market at the W Hotel, Bistro du Midi (next to the Four Seasons Hotel), Coppa (they do not take reservations, so if you go, plan on getting there at 5:15 and eating early or the wait can be very long).

Where to get the best coq au vin in Boston?

Agree with your comment on Pigalle (although they do seen to have some faithfull fans). The last time I was there (@1.5 years ago) the food and service were just average. Have not been wowed by Marco either. I no longer go to either.

Sel de La Terre- report and $1 oysters

Tried to get into Coppa last night. Got there at 5:50, but there was not a seat to be had. Glad for them, because the food there is "that good"..... sad for me. Ended up going to the Buttery and had a very good meal. Had only been to the cafe side before for coffee. I had heard somewhere before that the chef had worked with Todd English for a number of years and had left to do his own thing (and he is doing a very good job at it).

Sel de La Terre- report and $1 oysters

Was having dinner at the bar at Coppa this past Sunday night and the couple next to us were having wine (no food) and then heading to Sal de la Terre for the oysters. To leave Coppa "those must be some pretty good oysters".

Pretheater with postpreteens

Bistro du Midi is very nice (casual dining downstairs in the bar area & more formal upstairs). You might also want to scout out Market at the W Hotel. The hotel vibe might be fun for them and the food is very good.

Bistro Du Midi

I have dined there 3 times (midweek) over the past month and the upstairs space has been fairly full, with the food overall being very good and the service great. I much prefer the space (bar and dining) upstairs vs down. Although sitting by the fireplace can get a little hot. On an additional visit to the downstairs bar, the service was just ok (somewhat slow and the bartenders not paying a lot of attention to the customers) with the space being @ 1/3 full.

One night in Boston

I would say to head to Oceanaire. They take reservations, the food is very good (salads, sides, desserts are large enough to share) attractive room, good service. I have never had a bad meal there.

Best bartender ever

Corey at Coppa is turning out some pretty cool cocktails.

scones, where do you buy the most delicious ones?

They are not made in house, but the scones at Equal Exchange Cafe on Causeway Street in Boston are fantastic.

High Tea

I second the Taj. It is "old scool" and remains the "Old Ritz" to me.

Hamersley's Valentine's Day menu

I have always been a big fan of Hamersleys, but had a somewhat negative experience there a few weeks ago. I Ate at the bar. The bartender recommended the veal consume, saying it was amazing. The soup was over salted to the point of not being able to eat it & the veal meatballs were like rubber. The bartender when describing the "soup of the night" to the couple next to me, looked at me and said how do you like it. I described it as above.....the bartender then said to the couple "I guess I won't recommend that to anyone else tonight". He did not engage further with me on the soup. When my entree came, he removed the 1/10 finished bowl of soup....with the comment "are you finished". Fast forward to desert, with which I ordered a glass of sparkling wine. The wine arrived rather flat. I guess one should never assume, however when the check came I was struck to see the charge for the soup, based on my comments. While this experience was not typical of any I have had there over the many years I have eaten there, I wonder if they are faltering on attention to detail.

new in town needing north station area rec

Head to Prezza in the North End. They have valet parking for your parents and it is a short walk from the T.

One night in Boston

Are you planning to spend the night in the City. If so what area/hotel. There are mant good options out there.