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Need help in duplicating an unusual Chinese duck sauce for egg rolls..

I am 58 years old and my Dad first took me to the Tea Garden when it was first in Homewood before moving to East Liberty. I ate there most of my adult life until they closed. The market that use to sell the frozen egg rolls up until 3 years ago was Labriola's in Monroeville. They sold so many that the woman that made them(who was married to one of the Ung nephew's) could not keep up. But according to Mr. Labriola, the recipe was NOT the same and was not as good. Some kind of family dispute keep her from having the original recipe. It's a very interesting story. And if you every want to know more give Leonard Labriola a call. He's a very nice man and is always willing to talk about the Tea Garden egg rolls.
Anyways....Can I please have your egg roll recipe and we'll check it out?
Thank you much,
Bill Becker

Jan 28, 2010
wgbecker in Home Cooking