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SF to Vancouver...need recommendations

yeah, as far as chinese, we get quite a bit of that here at home and are looking for something a little more Vancouver ( i know Daniel isn't Van. but i don't make it to NYC often so its kind of novety, haha). I worked at Delfina for a number of years along with other great SF institutions and would love to find that style of restaurants in Vancouver....Cool, interesting neighborhood places serving great food. I hit up taco trucks often but like the michelin starred as well. Anything goes as long as it's delicious. My second ( and maybe more important) goal right now is to get a hotel in a neighborhood that would be interesting and very food centric (but don't mind catching public trans.) and somewhat affordable. I know when people come to SF, i never tell them to stay downtown and go to Michael Mina and all that kind of thing. I hope someone can lead me in the same direction. Thanks again.

SF to Vancouver...need recommendations

Some of my findings, any thoughts? Definitely want to check out Daniels spot and west for our more upscale meals, 941 and 942 seem really cool and we love Izakayas.

Judas goat
bin 941, 942
db bistro moderne
japadog (i know)

SF to Vancouver...need recommendations

Hello, my girlfriend and i are taking a small vacation (4 days, 3 nights) to Vancouver soon and were looking for great dining. With that being said, "dining" could be a 4 star destination or a food cart, we want it all. I work in restaurants and really know good food (not a snob, just appreciate well done and creative food) as does my girlfriend so we want to see what Vancouver has to offer. Truth be told, i really don't know much about the city or its restaurants. Any help would be much appreciated. Also as a side note, we have yet to lock down a neighborhood to stay so any recs on a good restaurant neighborhood would also be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Birthday dinner

Gotta take the lady out for a birthday dinner in the city. We both know great food and dine out regularly and i want this once a year celebration to be the best it can be. I've been to Coi (with 14+courses, best dinner i've had in SF, but would like to try somewhere new) and i'm looking for something of the same caliber, i don't mind spending $400-$500. Would like it to be somewhat romantic but service and food is more important. Ate Perbacco last night so i would prefer no Italian...

My thoughts were, in no order:
Dining Room at the Ritz
Gary Danko

Any insight would be helpful...also, neighborhood doesn't matter. Thanks!