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Egg-in-a-Nest Benedict Sandwiches

Sounds yummy

Aug 28, 2012
troublegirl843 in Recipes

What Are Your Irrefutable Food Rules? [moved from Not About Food]

I am glad I'm not the only one who has done this. Trust me though - you only make this mistake once! lol...
+1 on read the recipe all the way through before launching it

Sep 29, 2011
troublegirl843 in General Topics

Mexican (I think) Chorizo sausage purchased-what happens next

Hey - this week I'm using some of my Chorizo - I'm going to remove the casings and dice (my chorizo is already cooked - but if it wasn't - I'd just crumble it and brown it in a skillet) - and put on some nachos with some refried beans and lots of cheese - bake until the cheese melts. Mmm... Its a take on Emeril's Chorizo and Bean nachos. Good luck! Sounds like you are on your way to a good recipe already!

Feb 01, 2010
troublegirl843 in Home Cooking

When you first started cooking away from home, what were some of your disasters?

I was not allowed in my parent's kitchen - unless they weren't there. My grandmother let me help her some - but when I left home - my culinary skills were lacking.
I have since found that I love to cook and I am willing to try anything. So of course I have stumbled along the way.
One of my most memorable disasters - that my husband brings up a lot - is when we were first living together in our apartment. I decided to bake Cinnamon Rolls (from the can). After an appropriate amount of time - they weren't done yet - so I turned them on broil to brown the tops. Oh my - how quick they browned - then turned black!! Smoke was everywhere and the Smoke Alarms started going off. My husband - who had been in the shower - came running in (naked) "WHAT Happened!" I'm pretty sure I cried that day. (and was afraid the apartment smoke alarms would automatically call the fire department - but it didn't)
I've come a long way since then - If I think of more I'll post them :)

Jan 28, 2010
troublegirl843 in Not About Food