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Metamorphosis cocktail

Had it for the first time today at Eastern Standard. I'm hooked! my new favorite drink. Waitress gave me ingredients but didn't include measurements.

Sep 14, 2013
girlwbigdogz in Spirits

Fried Calamari in R.I.

Believe it or not I love the way Spain in Cranston prepares calamari. But then again I love everything at Spain.

asian markets in RI?

Thanks, always wondered about Phu Lam Market when passing by. I live near Red Ginger in Johnston. Any good? Always leary about cleanliness of Asian restaurants or any restaurant for that matter.

Red Ginger
560 Killingly St Ste 4, Johnston, RI 02919

Michael's Pappardelle in North Providence, RI

First time bbq pizza was good, after that pizza was burnt, cold, and loaded with cheese after asking for light cheese. Unfriendly staff.

"New Haven Pizza" in North Providence, RI

I was so excited to see that a new pizza place was opening in my neighborhood. I tried New Haven in N.P. a few times and was so disappointed. At first thinking things were new and they needed time to settle in but pizza was consistently flavorless and greasy. I think I may be the only one put off by too much cheese. Maybe because it's low quality cheese. Have to resort to making my own pizza I guess....

Cast Iron fans: when do you use it?

Cooking with cast iron pan was recommended by my Doc after I was diagnosed with low iron levels/anemia. Have been using it since and love it. Great for frittatas, cornbread and even deep dish pizza.

Jan 27, 2010
girlwbigdogz in Cookware