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NIce Birthday Dinner suggestions?

Hi Everyone: I've skimmed the boards and looked at EATER suggestions and menus. I'm looking for a dinner recommendation (a few months out) - places that appeal include:

Rose Rabbit Lie
Any other suggestions???

Some of my criteria:
Diners have adventurous palates
Entrees in the $30s / there was an $80ish tasting menu that looked good
Quieter dining room / buzzy is fine but I want to hear myself think (and my friends)
Not too steakhouse centric
Not too molecular
Twist more than I wanted to spend
Off Strip is fine
Some of the Thai/Asian places sounded really good but look a bit casual...however if there is a spot i should consider...
Have a soft spot for Jose Andres - having dined at his DC spots over the years...but cant tell if his Vegas spots would be a good fit...

Mar 13, 2015
MyNextMeal in Las Vegas

Pressure Cooker for a harried mom who is afraid of pressure cookers

The cooker comes with a pamphlet that gives cooking times and water amounts for all sorts of things (grains, beans, etc).

I have used that as a starting point. The beans required a little trial and error...but they were quite old and unsoaked. After cooking them the first time, they were still hard and inedible. So I cooked them a second time and went to bed. What I did not realize is that the INSTAPOT stays in "warming" mode after the pressure cooking time is complete. As a result my blackbeans were basically simmered overnight. Slightly overdone but really good - no scorching or anything!

Oatmeal requires 10-minutes. But you have to understand that it takes 5-ish mins for the INSTAPOT to come up to pressure before the 10-min cooking time begins.

For me, I'm not looking for *fast* as much as *set it and forget it*. So I'm liking it thus far.

Dec 11, 2014
MyNextMeal in Cookware

Pressure Cooker for a harried mom who is afraid of pressure cookers

I bought an instant pot with the lightning deal. I have been "forcing" myself to use it to learn the ins and outs. I haven't tried cooking a one-pot meal yet. However I have found that I like the aspect of cooking something without having to hover over the stove.

Thus far: Steel cut oatmeal and black beans.

It was great to start the pot and then work on my bills and watch a basketball game without having to stir and mind the stove. I find it really easy to use and am impressed with the quality of the stainless steel pot.

Dec 09, 2014
MyNextMeal in Cookware

Electric pressure cooker with slow cooker, rice cooker, etc functions...

Any updates on Instant Pot experiences? I see all those rave reviews on Amazon but am looking for some other user testimonials. I've been contemplating the newest model....Thanks!

Sep 22, 2014
MyNextMeal in Cookware

north portland

Consider SE Portland as an option. The commercial strips of Belmont, Hawthorne, and Division have tons of great food options and more seem to keep coming.

Those areas also have good bus service straight into downtown. Tons of apts and condos being built there, too. I would think the new construction might be more accessible than the older homes and apts that are in the area.

Aug 29, 2013
MyNextMeal in Metro Portland

San Francisco hound seeking feedback and help for PDX itinerary

After a Saturday breakfast at Screen Door - you may have trouble finding room for lunch.

I might recommend evoe - more so you can ramble through pastaworks (the adjoining gourmet grocery store which connects to the powells home and garden store).

also - I don't know if boyds has any shop locations in the city...albina press might be an option to consider near evoe.

Aug 05, 2013
MyNextMeal in Metro Portland

Restaurant for parents' visit.

Olympic Provisions - might be a nice low key destination. I've only dined at the NW location and have enjoyed it very much.

Gruner would be a great choice, too.

Jul 25, 2013
MyNextMeal in Metro Portland

Late lunch in between the airport and Woodland?

If you are willing to backtrack about 15-mins, perhaps a restaurant along N Williams (Tasty and Sons) or NE Alberta (Bollywood Theater)?

Jul 18, 2013
MyNextMeal in Metro Portland

Yet another tipping question

Yes, I do. But not consistently...depends on whether I have money on me. But I leave $1-2 on the table for the the breakfast folks or the person in the concierge lounge who keeps the buffet supplied and the tables bussed.

Jul 18, 2013
MyNextMeal in Not About Food

Solo dining walking distance from Hotel Monaco

Tasty and Alder is one option
Slightly farther away would be Oven and Shaker

Two other options (more casual but very good) would be Lardo (sandwiches) and Grassa (pasta).

Jul 16, 2013
MyNextMeal in Metro Portland

Vegetarian/Vegan only restaurants - a very good option

my favorite is also blossoming lotus - i usually order one of their daily specials and have never been disappointed

Jul 11, 2013
MyNextMeal in Metro Portland

Is there anything Chow-ish in Columbia, Missouri?

UPRISE Bakery - good soups and sandwiches and a nice casual atmosphere.

Jun 11, 2013
MyNextMeal in Great Plains

"Portland Food"/Must-try.. ~2 days

Take the 14 bus from downtown which runs down Hawthorne. There is a foodcart area at 12th and Hawthorne.

There are a variety of places to eat all but you might want to check out EVOE for a late lunch or early dinner (it closes at 7pm) and might be in that nice but not too expensive pricepoint for your dinner. It is a casual dining space around the kitchen, which adjoins Pastaworks (gourmet market) which adjoins Powells Books cooking/garden store around 37th.

Jun 10, 2013
MyNextMeal in Metro Portland

Proposed Portland List - Need a vet from you vets

I've only been to their location a few times. I mostly drink it when I pick it up in the morning at the market near my office. It's whatever blend they have brewed in their carafe. is the market
which might be fun to pass through too. they've got some good baked goods (from bakeshop - the buckwheat scone!!!)

May 29, 2013
MyNextMeal in Metro Portland

Proposed Portland List - Need a vet from you vets

COAVA Coffee.

I'm not a terribly picky coffee drinker but every time I have some COAVA - it really makes me pause because it is exceptional.

May 29, 2013
MyNextMeal in Metro Portland

Rome - restaurants similar to SORPASSO?

Thank you for the Da Enzo recommendation - we tried it last night and it was wonderful. Traditional and simple, yes. But the staff wasn't wearing the black pant/white shirt attire that most trattoria staff wear. Our waiter had jeans, tshirt and a do-rag. For me, that made it feel less intimidating.

May 17, 2013
MyNextMeal in Italy

Rome - restaurants similar to SORPASSO?

Greetings...currently a few days into my first stay in Rome. We've had a couple of okay to good meals. But today's lunch at SORPASSO near the Vatican was by far our favorite meal thus far. A less traditional trattoria vibe but still simple good food. We are staying in Trastevere for a few more nights - recommendations for other restaurants nearby would be very welcome.

May 14, 2013
MyNextMeal in Italy

Warehouse district with kids lunch

cochon butcher

May 01, 2013
MyNextMeal in New Orleans

Want to take veggies friends out to dinner

Recent thread that had a good list.

Apr 29, 2013
MyNextMeal in Metro Portland

Sports Bar with Decent Food (does it exist here?)

Life of Riley in the Pearl. I think they have above average pub grub.

Apr 29, 2013
MyNextMeal in Metro Portland

Suggestions for other nibbles around Nong's 10th & Alder?

A bit further away: Pie at Lauretta Jeans (tiny downtown location) at 6th and Pine (I think)

Ice Cream at Ruby Jewel
Drinking chocolate at CACAO
Fries at LARDO

Apr 26, 2013
MyNextMeal in Metro Portland

Kid-Friendly, Good Food, off I-5 In Portland area

It looks like they have some new spots I haven't tried (I'm one of those fair-weather summer patrons of food carts and summer is still not here...) but in the past I've enjoyed NATIVE BOWL and THE BIG EGG.

Apr 18, 2013
MyNextMeal in Metro Portland

Kid-Friendly, Good Food, off I-5 In Portland area

Exit 303 - Killingsworth. Turn right on Alberta, then turn right on Albina (which becomes mississippi).

It's easy to get to Mississippi Marketplace food carts.

I'd also consider Lovely's 50/50 for pizza depending on time of day. I've had a great burger and fries at Bar Bar adjacent to Mississippi are welcome until 9pm.

And then get some icecream at Ruby Jewel to put kids into a sugar coma. :)

Apr 18, 2013
MyNextMeal in Metro Portland

Reservations? Rome and Italy newbie

How key are reservations in Rome? If we are likely to eat early - will we need them?

I've been reading through the threads on Rome for my trip in mid May. Lots of great info. We've purchased one of the food apps (my friend says it is great). Staying in Trastevere. I'm hoping to keep meals under 30 euro/head - probably not going to do any fine dining this trip. Lastly I love vegetables (but not vegetarian). If there are any places that highlight vegetables really well?

Apr 05, 2013
MyNextMeal in Italy

DC Foodies visiting Portland for 1st time!

I might check out:

Natural Selection (veg)

Tasty and Sons owner opened a new location downtown called Tasty and Alder.

A new market in the Pearl that has wine/beer/coffee

Mar 27, 2013
MyNextMeal in Metro Portland

Any Good Food Near The Airport?


Then there are restaurants on Alberta (AVIARY) and the pocket of restaurants (AUTENTTICA) on Killingsworth/30th...

Feb 20, 2013
MyNextMeal in Metro Portland

need some help

Paleys Place?

Feb 08, 2013
MyNextMeal in Metro Portland

LA foodie's 1st time in Portland (with an infant!) - need help!

Brunches in portland often come with a wait - even if you get there at the opening bell. It's a bit insane, really. You might try simpatica though (sundays only) - they might take a brunch reservation...

I have reduced my fine dining a lot, so I'm only keeping up with the fine dining scene virtually, but my short list for a fine dining occasion would be:
Paleys Place
Wafu (weekend only)

Feb 01, 2013
MyNextMeal in Metro Portland

Screen Door, Ox, and other spots without reservations?

Ox does have the full menu at the restaurant bar. They have a separate bar next door where you can wait to be seated and have a cocktail.

I haven't been to Screendoor in years but my recollection is that it is a bit of a zoo...I wouldn't personally enjoy dining there solo. I've enjoyed a basic breakfast at City State Diner which is near Screendoor on 28th. The other place I might try would be Sunshine Tavern on Division. If the weather is good - I'd wait in line for a Pine State Biscuit and eat it outside.

Jan 31, 2013
MyNextMeal in Metro Portland

Showing our friends what pdx is all about.

I had a cheeseburger and fries at BAR BAR recently (attached to Mississippi Studios). So good. Cheap. Very Portland.

Podnah's, Chiang Mai, Victory Bar are some cheaper dinner spots. Lardo is great. Trigger - my one experience was lukewarm.

Jan 23, 2013
MyNextMeal in Metro Portland