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Do You Own a VENT A HOOD Exhaust Hood Over Your Stove??

I know this comes too late to respond to the original poster....but, in defense of Vent a Hood, I've had mine for 26 yrs over my stove (single) and over my gas grill (double blower/grill in kitchen). My hood is about 10' long. I use my grill at least 4 times a week for all these years and I've never had a problem with the hood...other than the grease build up. My hood vents through the roof and I've actually had commercial restaurant steam cleaning from the roof down and from the hood up. They cover all electric and it's worked fine....but after so many years, I do finally have to replace the single. My you know if they sell just the snap on motor/blowers and has the style changed in 25 yrs?

Sep 23, 2010
JoiedvPBGV in Cookware