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Where'd the Southeast go?

I know we're always last in educational ratings, but that's no reason to take us off Chowhound.

When you hit "Show all boards" under United States, Southwest and its boards are listed twice, and the Southeast boards aren't listed at all. Sure would be nice to talk about Charleston.... :(

grilled pizza question

Several grocery stores near me have started selling premade dough. Harris Teeter and Earth Fare both sell it in the deli/premade section.

Traveling to Charleston SC for a 3 day dining, etc advice/recommendations

As if you needed another Montague Avenue suggestion, Cork Bistro has a great lunch.

I-95 One Night Stop - Jacksonville to Charleston

Savannah is a lot closer to 95 than Charleston is, so I'd go there. I'm no Savannah expert so I can't recommend anything in particular, but there are plenty of threads on Savannah restaurants.

Spoleto Festival & Restaurants

Several of the churches around town are doing tea rooms. They tend to have a small menu of sandwiches, soups, and salads, and would fit into the "grab a bite without making a production out of eating" category. I went to the one at Second Presbyterian on Saturday. They had a band playing, and the food was good and came out quickly. While you're here, the Second Pres tea room should be open June 5, and St. Matthews should be open June 5 and 6. Both of those are in the Marion Square area. Grace Episcopal, on Wentworth St., is open every day except Sunday, and they have their menu on their website:

Other quick lunch spots are Brent's, on Broad St. - a sandwich shop where you stand and order, Subway-style. Caviar and Bananas is on George St. and is mainly a gourmet foods shop, but they have a sandwich counter and a deli type counter, and a few tables where you can eat quick lunch.

Broad St Cafe
1114 Broad St, Durham, NC 27705

Do you make your own salad dressing?

This is my fave blue cheese dressing:

1/4 cup low fat sour cream

1/4 cup low fat mayonnaise

1/4 cup skim milk

2 tablespoons chopped parsley

2 tablespoons grated onion

1 tablespoon lemon juice

2 oz Danish blue cheese

What's for Dinner XXX

Made my first attempt at grilled pizza - success! It was a pulled pork pizza, with red onions.

Charleston next week -help narrow choices for us and two 20 somethings with girl friends

Oh, I definitely agree with that, I just assumed they would be more likely to be downtown, and I just checked out MM's rooftop bar the other day so it was on my mind. Mellow Mushroom is good, but EVO pizza is in another league.

Charleston next week -help narrow choices for us and two 20 somethings with girl friends

Mellow Mushroom, a pizza place on King Street, has an excellent selection of draft microbrews. Lizzy mentioned EVO in North Charleston above, they've got great beer selection - only about 5 drafts but a great bottle selection. On the same street the Mill also has an extensive bottle list.

Anywhere you can get Coast (organic microbrew from North Charleston) is probably going to have a decent selection - here's a list of where they sell it:

The beer situation is a little weird due to SC law, but we've definitely been getting a better selection of good brews in the last couple years.

Edited to add: Just noticed you'll be on Daniel Island. Might want to check out Two Rivers Tavern for good beers and nice atmosphere.

Crockpot Pulled Pork question

I would cut up the shoulder if it doesn't fit and save the rest in the freezer for another week.

Best "After Wedding Night" Brunch in Charleston, SC

Lots of great Sunday brunches to choose from. I like Magnolia's and Blossom if you're downtown. Fleet Landing is in a nice spot, on the water and more casual than Magnolia's or Blossom. In Mt. Pleasant, the Old Village Post House is great.

Fleet Landing Restaurant & Bar
186 Concord Street, Charleston, SC 29401

Old Village Post House
101 Pitt St., Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464

Any interesting enchilada recipes?

I add lots of vegetables, whatever I have around. Zucchini, corn, caramelized onions, are all good mixed in with chicken, or black beans, or just cheese.

Seafood Dinner Reccomendations in Charleston, SC

In re: "the market" - I'm assuming you mean the City Market, not the farmer's market, since I don't believe the farmer's market has started up yet this year. The Market can get pretty busy on Saturdays. Try going early in the day if you don't like crowds.

What are you planning for dinner this week?

This week's meals make use of a lot of stuff I already have in the house, since we are scraping the bottom of the barrel of the month's budget. We have family coming in town starting on Thursday for Easter, so I haven't finished the weekend's menu yet.
Sunday: Pizza with pepperoni, olives, Italian sausage.
Monday: Spring Minestrone :
Tuesday: Pulled pork tacos (w/ last week's pulled pork
)Wednesday: Pasta with Italian sausage :

Trying to figure out what to fix for Saturday night when the family is in town. I'd like to use the grill since it's supposed to be so warm here in SC this week. Maybe an orange or lemon- glazed ham, cooked over indirect heat on the grill?

Jamie Oliver's "Food revolution" on ABC. Watch it if you are concerned about the obesity epidemic.

We started watching the show because my husband is from the Huntington, WV, area, and he thinks the JO is doing a great job of portraying the area. He recognizes a lot of the attitudes and viewpoints as similar to those of his family and other people he grew up with. That said, I'm not from Appalachia, and I recognized a lot of those attitudes too. Those awful processed food school lunches are pervasive all over the country, not just in Appalachia. I went to elementary school in Florida 20 years ago and we ate with sporks, and had chocolate milk every day.

I think it's very strange that people - on the show, and on this thread, don't like that JO is from the UK, coming over here to tell us what to feed our kids. He's done shows like this in Britain already, pointing out that British schoolkids are not fed good food either. He's not imperialist or something, coming over to tell us how great a job the UK does at everything, I don't know where people get that.

North Charleston Sunday brunch

Try Madra Rua, it's an Irish pub and they have a jazz brunch:

Or if you feel like trying the famous bloody bacon martini, you can go next door to the Mill.

ravioli and lasagna sheets.

Why not do the egg-based recipe?

What are you planning for dinner this week?

Good idea! I've been trying to plan two weeks of dinners in order to better plan my shopping trips (I alternate between a Whole Foods-like market and a regular supermarket) but it hasn't been working out all that well. So here's my menu for the upcoming week
Sunday: Steamed mussels with roasted veggies
Monday: Pinto bean cakes and avocados on greens (meant to be this recipe, but the pitas I got last week went bad already. boo
)Tuesday: Spring veggie risotto - probably this one:
Wednesday: Corned beef and cabbage, in the slow cooker, to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.
Thursday: Vegetable tostadas and a salad
Friday: don't know
Saturday: Corned beef hash

Ideas for wasting less and using ingredients before they go bad

My go-to "cleanup" recipes are omelettes, quiche (or frittata), and pizza.

Great for those small amounts of veggies, meat and cheese.

Defeated by Mayonnaise, my nemesis

I haven't made mayonnaise before, but I like the videos from Rouxbe, and they have one on mayo:

It does say that the mayo should be yellower, and a different consistency than store-bought.

Interesting meals based around eggs?

Ooh, Eggs Goldenrod was our Easter breakfast! After we hunted the eggs, my mom would make them into Goldenrod. Sometimes the egg dye would seep into the eggs so the dish would have pink and blue egg bits in them.

Charleston Lunch on tight timeline?

Caviar and Bananas is on George, actually, but it is delicious for a quick lunch. The only problem is that it's likely in the opposite direction of your garden tour.

I might go with Brent's, it's on Broad St. between Church and State. It's just your basic sandwich shop, where you stand to order, then take it to go or eat at one of the tables inside or in the courtyard. It's usually Brent himself who's making the sandwiches.

Looking for a recoomedantion for dinner in Charleston

Greentomato is right, I was just at Cru the other day for lunch and they had General Tso's chicken and the table next to us was raving about it. The 8 blocks or so from Francis Marion to the Market area is certainly walkable, but King Street would be more convenient.

Ooh, Pane e Vino, I didn't think of that - yum.

Sit on floor type restaurants (Charlotte and surrounding area)

I don't know if Asheville is within your preferred travel radius, but there is a Middle Eastern restaurant that has floor seating (and belly dancing, sometimes!) called Jerusalem Garden. I haven't been there, but I've heard it's pretty good.

beaufort, sc dinner.

We always go to Panini's, I really like it. It's Italian/Mediterranean style. There are several others that I have seen recommended, you should do a search.

Looking for a recoomedantion for dinner in Charleston

You have a lot to choose from. I like Virginia's on King, which is very Southern, kind of an upscale meat-and-three place. Just about a block north of Francis Marion.

If you're interested in seafood, there's Coast, which is on John Street. It can get pretty loud and crowded there, but I've always enjoyed the fish.

Charleston, SC foodies, I need sushi!!

My favorite is Shi Ki, on East Bay St. It's a small, family-owned place, and everything is very fresh and tasty.

Let me be the first to ask for help with my Super Bowl Menu...

I believe elephant ears are a baked good. Didn't know they were famous to Indiana, but that'd be my best guess. Definitely not taro.

unattended oven or stove

Funny, I was just considering this today, I'm thinking of slow-cooking a roast and wondered if it was okay to go for a run while it cooked. I was mainly concerned about whether my husband would disapprove - he's more cautious than I am. If I lived alone, I would definitely do it. I think I will just do a workout video in the living room instead, since it seems others find it risky.

We do leave our toaster plugged in though. I'm sure there's a few other things in the house more likely to spontaneously combust than a 225 degree oven.

Where to eat near the Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs?

There's definitely plenty of good food to eat at the Greenbrier itself. My father-in-law loves their pecan pie. I have only visited once, but when I did we stopped by Lewisburg, W.V. as well and it was a cute little historic town. We ate at the General Lewis Inn in Lewisburg, which was good. It's nice homestyle food, like someone's grandmother might make. The Inn itself is a historic house near a battlefield, so the atmosphere is nice. Have fun!