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Grass-fed beef/pork etc

re: Let's Meat On The Avenue. The butcher always tells customers that the beef is grass fed/ grain finished. He says that he would never sell strictly grass fed meat because it is tough.

Raw grassfed/pastured meat, eggs and dairy in Northern VA?

Let's Meat On The Avenue has local grass/ grain fed meats, amish butter and free range eggs. It is located in Del Rey, near Alexandria, VA

Poste or Tabard Inn for brunch?

Tabard Inn. I went to Poste a couple of Saturdays ago. Made reservations for the patio. It was very hot that day and had to sit at the bar for an hour because there were only 4 tables w/ umbrellas and to sit under a table w/ an umbrella is "first come first serve." Also, a very limited lunch menu was the only option on Saturday.

Tabard Inn
1739 N St NW, Washington, DC 20036

Evo Bistro in Mclean

I used to work near Evo and went a couple of times. Went after work w/ group of friends. The calamari and other apps that we ordered just got progressively more greasy every time we went! I agree with the original post.

Drinks near Van Ness?

Cafe Deluxe is right there.