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Downtown Montreal for Lone Business Traveller

Hmmmm. Poutine and Bagel..... interesting combo! M;Brgr at 2025 Drummond sounds like your kind of place. Bar or table seating And check out the menu as well.

Let me know what you think. Just about 5 blocks from the Fairmont.

Calgary Business dinner

Rouge over in Inglewood well worth the cab ride over. And Capo as a back-up as well.

Mar 04, 2010
JohnnyGeWiz in Prairie Provinces

Best Tartare Frites in Montreal

I'd second the recommendation on Tapeo. Went there last night amid the crowd (on a Wednesday nite!!!) and the tartare was exceptional. Make sure you stay with the waiter's recommendation of "bien releve". An amazing dish..

Oh and the rest of the menu selections were pretty awesome as well. Really enjoyed it but gotta make reservations. Well worth it. Tapas heaven!!!

Cabane a Sucre

my favorite so far:

40 mins. north of the city, highway all the way. And good value for your $$ as well. Enjoy!!

Buying meat at Jean-Talon market

Glad you enjoyed your Milano experience. Got myself a case of blood oranges there before the hockey game on Sunday, finished it all off with the family while biting fingernails.

Great selection of cheeses as well, though you can't go wrong with Hamel either.

Buying meat at Jean-Talon market

Do check out Milano's on St. Laurent... a short hop from MJT but well worth it in terms of selection and quality. Priced pretty competitively to the major chains as well.

Good luck!

Good sushi in Mtl

Pass on Dozo..... very ordinary and service abysmal!

Best Pig Knuckles?

Went to 3 brasseurs on Ste. Catherine last evening to try out the House Speciality, "jarret de Porc". Not even close to the old Dominion Tavern plate. A couple of pig knuckle slices, say 3 cm thick and round, braised in a brown sauce, supposedly for a few hours. Meat was tough, sauce unflattering and baked potato with butter and sour cream was no match for traditional boiled potato.

One good thing was happy hour on Le Blonde, full pint for $4.00. Total tab was $20 tip/tax included for beer and Jarret.

Off to Magna next!!

Best Pig Knuckles?

Now that the Taverne Square Dominion has re-opened minus the famous whole pig's knuckle, where might you find some of Montreal's better knuckles?

Not sure how many taverns still serve this delicacy but I would like to be able to sample a few of the better ones. And, yes, PDC's knuckles dont count in this research. Been there, done that.....

Taverne Square Dominion Anyone?

Visited the most recent incarnation of the Dominion Square Tavern looking for my fix of pig's knuckles and was highly disappointed. Nice new decor in the place, very much upscale, and washrooms a huge step up. But now the up-priced(!!) menu only features the "demi" knuckle and roasted at that!! No more whole knuckle, with whole boiled potato and plain sauerkraut. Rather a scoop of mini-potatoes, spiked sauerkraut and a much larger side dish of hot mustard. Quite disappointed and, oh, $17 for this, $5 for side of fries. At least they still have the Boreale Lite on tap.

Any other visitors?