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(new) Yah Yah Ya Ramen - Richmond

LR, Thanks for supporting my cousin's blog.

Also Ooopsy, I'm a bad fact checker and made a huge BOO BOO on my post about Yah Yah Ya, that Dennis kindly posted.

It turns out that the special broth from Yokohama is called "iekei" not "lekei or Le Kei". My sincere apologies to Yah Yah Ya ramen. Still very good ramen and everybody should go try this place out!

I've updated my post with the correction at the top.

Good salads in Van?

Shishinori, near the Whole Foods on cambie & 8th, offers salads and generally healthy eats. Their formula is raw fish in several preparations served with brown rice and a whack load of greens and sometimes fruit.

My only issue is they seem to like adding an annoying sweetish Teriyaki like sauce to their dishes.

Interested in what other CHers will suggest.

I miss the Nicoise salad from the defunct Street Meet food truck. That thing was awesome.

State of Pho in Vancouver? Help needed.

Wait, no neon lights, and is cozy enough to make a customer want to linger and stay a bit longer?

Hmmm so Bon Cafe is a nouveau Vietnamese place?

NICE, will check it out next time I'm in the area.

anyone know what happens to 29th Ave Cafe for Japanese Yoshoku food ?

Sam - I noticed a Chanpon noodle on Moncton Cafe's menu. Have you had? If so what can you share about it?

Been searching for a good Champon Ramen in the area but have not found anything good. I believe based on the photo in Moncton Cafe's menu, the Chanpon is a Champon ramen.

anyone know what happens to 29th Ave Cafe for Japanese Yoshoku food ?

Not sure where the 29th ave Cafe folks went but if you are looking for Yoshoku food, you can try:
-Marulilu Cafe
-Cafe De l'Orangerie

State of Pho in Vancouver? Help needed.

Thanks for adding to the list LR! The only one I don't think I've been to is Bon Cafe, any intel you want to share?

State of Pho in Vancouver? Help needed.

Thanks for the intel on Hoi Ann! Never tried Mi Quang before. It looks very unique - definitely want to check that out.

Can you or anyone else who's had describe kinda what it tastes like so I know what to expect?

Best cafes in Vancouver

I have to add another "Gold star" for Timbertrain. Spotted this on a trip report by SF poster, Reformed, in another thread who mentioned they had a cookie with potato chips in it at Timbertrain.

I had to check it out. The cookie is unique and wonderful. Called the Comfort cookie, this thing contains not only Potato Chips but also Pretzel bits and chocolate chips!

It's a nice bake good that combines both savoury and sweet.

State of Pho in Vancouver? Help needed.

Yes I agree the Pho at Mr. Red is above average and Rose takes great pride in adhering to proper cooking techniques and shows a great deal of care in making their food.

I think I must go to My Chau to try this Chicken pho with a deep fried chicken leg.

The thing is Mr. Red has worked hard to really set themselves apart from other Vietnamese restaurant and as a result they have line ups.

Why don't more Vietnamese places do that? There are so many Vietnamese restaurants you would think they want to stand out.

Or is it simply the average Vancouverites cannot really tell the difference and as a result restaurants can get away with serving average food?

State of Pho in Vancouver? Help needed.

In all fairness before this joke gets out of hand, I don't think brokentelephone was actually calling me a pedantic tossss.

Thank you all for responding to my question. I think you all confirm my natural instinct that yes there is good Pho in Vancouver but not necessarily ones that are "Must haves". In the end, it comes down to personal preference and other factors maybe not relating to the Pho itself, simply because there really isn't a lot separating the good Pho.

Although I was reading how the chefs at Slanted Door in San Fran roast their ginger and onion before putting them into the broth. Any Pho place in Vancouver doing that? Or is it something no restaurant would bother with here since it probably take a refined palate to appreciate that?

State of Pho in Vancouver? Help needed.

I remember that! I wish I could of gotten the Mary Tyler Moore gif of her tossing the hat working. I think it would been even funnier than the pic I posted.

State of Pho in Vancouver? Help needed.

Thanks Scoffier!

Well, what's that rule of thumb? Don't eat Pho west of Main. :)

Mr. Red' s is unique because their food is northern style.

Beside putting a big smile on your face, is there anything else that makes Thien Kim your go to?

The pho at Song Huong is usually my go to with Le Do sometimes thrown in there for variety sake. Although sometimes if I'm really tired I make do with Thai's Saigon Bistro in North Burnaby.

I just find it interesting that there are more Pho places in the city than Ramen places, but there isn't a lot of differences when it comes to Pho.

State of Pho in Vancouver? Help needed.

Thanks Brokentelephone. I agree and I should go with my gut.

I don't want to be an ass where I'm nit picking that this pho is better as it uses just a touch more ginger or this place use a little more clove. Most people don't give a crap about that.

I think everybody has at least one good pho place in their there area.

It's not like Ramen where the West End is the place you have to go to for a good bowl.

State of Pho in Vancouver? Help needed.

Did I get called a pedantic Tossss? I guess I've made it!!!! ;)

State of Pho in Vancouver? Help needed.

I'm hoping my fellow CHers can help me with this dilemma.

Is it possible to come up with a list of 10 or more good/fantastic Phos in Vancouver, where each Pho has its own distinct/unique reason on why it's good/fantastic?

My initial gut reaction is NO. However, I've been asked to give it a sober second thought. I'm still thinking "NO" but I thought I would ask the residents of this board for their thoughts.

Any insight in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance!

Best cafes in Vancouver

Timbertrain is my morning Americano and the shot they use is tasty and nuanced. Been able to reduce the amount of sugar and cream to a bare minimum. The guys at Timbertrain are good.

Also Very interested in Pallet since they are around the corner from Basho.

New to Grandview area (Victoria/Venables) - recommendations within walking distance please!

Too bad about Bistro Wagon Rouge. Still haven't gotten to eat there due to line-up issues.

I forgot to mention Jackalope's Neighbourhood Dive near Campagnolo Roma. My cousins liked it there.

Also there's Song Huong Vietnamese Restaurant.

SF Bay Area hound needs fun foodie stops near Sheraton Vancouver Wall Center

For sushi: Miko and Miku (For Aburi style sushi & sashimi) are higher priced options.

Sushi Mart on Robson is a good budget option

For Ramen: Santouka's Toroniku ramen is a great recommendation. Also Mauratama's Tamago Ramen is tasty as well.

New to Grandview area (Victoria/Venables) - recommendations within walking distance please!


Grocery Stores: Donald's Market on Hastings

Butcher: Windsor Meats on Hastings a few storefronts west of Le Do

Japanese: Tatsu Japanese Bistro on the drive when Kishimoto is too insane. Best Nabeyaki udon I've found thus far and good basic sushi.

Also you're close to Fujiya for all your Japanese grocery needs.

Coffee: Haven't been yet but Pallet Coffee Roasters just opened up near Basho so that might be worth checking out, not sure about the hipster quota though.

Other things of note: Yolk's & Bistro Wagon Rouge

One week in Vancouver... The catch? Two little kids

Crap You're Right Sam!

I meant Guu with Garlic on Robson and typed in Guu Garden by mistake.

Thanks for catching the mistake.

One week in Vancouver... The catch? Two little kids

Good list! A few additions:
If Revolver, which is bit cramped, is busy. Around the corner is Timbertrain which has good coffee and booths for the little ones to squirm around in.

With booths in mind, for seafood Blue Water Cafe is surprisingly kid tolerant especially for kids that are well behaved. Just ask for a booth in case they want to nap or play on the ipad in the corner of the booth.

For Izakaya I would add Guu Garden which has good food and a small upstairs area where you sit on the floor.

Chinese places don't bat an eye when it comes to kids, even if they are running a muck in the restaurant.

For you dim sum, I would drop Sun Sui Wah and consider Chef Tony in Richmond ( Easy to get to from downtown on the Canada Line and it might be neat for the kids, you go over the river to get to Richmond.

Another Ramen place to try is Taishoken for their tsukemen ramen.

Any Intel on Mr. Red?

It may not be as bad as we feared it terms of the "hungry hordes" descending onto the place. I went by the place both Saturday and Sunday in between 2 - 3 pm and it wasn't busy. I think dinner service maybe busy but I'm thinking afternoons might not be bad.

Also if we going to point out issues with Gill's piece the veg in the Bun Cha dipping sauce is carrots and papaya, not daikon. Texture seemed off for daikon so were asked the lady and she told us it was papaya.

Any Intel on Mr. Red?

You mean like the "Groupon" effect, people rush there and it overwhelms the business leading to poorer experience than the restaurant can normally execute, which ensues a backlash?


The "Bo Laska" effect where all these people show up because of the buzz and the owner gets a false sense of the demand for their food. They expand but the people move on to the next trendy food item and they are left with an empty restaurant?


The "Kimura" effect which Scoffier mentions below, they get the buzz and manage to retain the large customer base. As a result, the people who discovered it get shut out because it becomes impossible to get a table anymore?

It's a tricky balance: you want them have the publicity so they can thrive but hope for the best it doesn't overwhelm them.

We going to find out if they can cope, with both fmed putting them on his Eater Banh Mi list and Eater having them on their heat map.

To be honest, the lady is so nice and food is tasty, so I do hope they succeed. I do hope they get an extra person to help out in front.

Weekday Dim Sum for 10 incl kids,

It's not flounder and the presentation is different, but I had a similar dish at Golden Lake near the Vancouver/Burnaby border on Hastings street.

It was a stunning dish. I think it's on the special dishes menu.

Any Intel on Mr. Red?

Nice write up, GE!

LOL, nice "that upstart, basil"

I was actually wondering if that wrapper for the Crab Spring Roll is not a rice wrapper but something else like a bean curd sheet since it has a different text and appearance.

Any Intel on Mr. Red?

Thanks for the update. Can you elaborate on the appie or entree sizing option? I was quite surprised that my crab meat spring roll was an entree.

Which dishes have you been able downsized to appie portion? Can they all be downsized? Curious if that can be done for the sticky rice.

Also have you had the dish that looks like a small mound of sheets of rice flour noodles? I didn't have chance to ask the poor lady what the dish was, as it was super busy.

Granville Island - Restaurants

Everyone's different and the tasting flights are great to figure out what one likes and dislikes. Personally, I like the Osake Junmai Ginjo Genshu and have it at home.

Chicken ramen w/chicken meat?

How's the Nut Ramen at Marutama? Awesome enough to recommend as veg only option?

Any Intel on Mr. Red?

My friend had the Chicken Pho and she thought the broth was cleaner and lighter but still flavorful in comparison to other chicken phos she had. They use dark meat with skin attached. So a little different.

One more thing to note, the Lady (should of asked for her name) was very emphatic that they do not use MSG or too much sugar in their food. I would tend to agree as I felt fine after our meal there.

Regarding the New Hai Phong, yes I would recommend it and specifically the Bun Rieu. Also a small space, but very nicely decorated; felt more like a cafe than a Vietnamese restaurant.

However not sure if could say one is better than the other since one is Northern food and the other is Southern food. If open, I would go Mr. Red as Northern Vietnamese is not as common in the city.

Any Intel on Mr. Red?

I remember seeing a sign at the counter saying that they are closed today (Aug 5).

Went Sunday with a friend and we had the Chicken Pho, Crab Spring Rolls and Bun Cha. Everything was fresh and a very sizable portion. The biggest thing I noticed was that the flavours were more understated and balanced. For example, the dip for the Crab Spring Roll was sweet but not overwhelming. You actually taste the other elements of the dip.

The lady that runs the show, is very sweet and very proud of their food. She will explain how to eat everything and answer any questions you have.

I actually plan to return as there later in the week. There were a few items that I wanted to try like the sticky rice and steamed crepes.

Some things to be aware of:
-Some of the menus have not been updated to include the Bun Cha dish and other dishes. The Bun Cha is #46. Updated menus have white labels with the new dishes.

-Bring some patience if it's busy. It's a family run business with only the lady greeting, serving and cleaning up. So when it gets busy like the night I went, the service was very chaotic.

However the lady felt so bad not being there to personally explain our dishes to us and not seating us right away, she gave us a discount on a bill.

I feel that's the only area they need to work on. They probably need to hire one more person to help out on the floor as I think they are going to be swamped with customers because of their tasty food.