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Yoshi Tabo is BACK!

It maybe the same Yoshi. If you check out the Chef DB (, he did work at a restaurant called Shijo that kind of matches the address you have.

I only know his sushi from his Blue Water and Ki stints.

Yoshi Tabo is BACK!

I'm so excited to learn that Yoshi Tabo is back in Vancouver and will be apart of a new restaurant in the former C space along the sea wall.

Best Sushi I have experienced in Vancouver was crafted by Yoshi Tabo when he was at Blue Water. The nigiri radiated like a glowing pearl - I'm not kidding.

This is so awesome!!!!!

Here are the details about the restaurant.

Baby Friendly Dining in Vancouver?

Sushi by Yuji for omakase may work - inexpensive yet impressive & in East Van, similar to the departed Kimura, but only raw food. Not sure how a 1 year old would fare in the small restaurant though.

Instead of Santouka or Kintaro which are still good but crowded and over heated, I would recommend Marutama for their chicken ramen and the more spacious dining area.

Food trucks are popular in Vancouver and there is festival on Sundays where they come together in one spot so you don't have travel around the city to find them.

A note to all, especially the non-Chinese chowhounds, OLD BUDDIES on Alexandra road is celebrating its 2 year anniversary and have been advertising specials on Chinese TV to celebrate.

Recommendation needed for one 'wow factor', Michelin stars caliber meal in Vancouver

Dennisthefoodie and I went by Mission last Tuesday and it looked closed. We perused the menu.

Are you guys fully opened?

Recommendation needed for one 'wow factor', Michelin stars caliber meal in Vancouver

The only restaurant that may meet your request is the newly opened Bauhaus in Gastown helmed by Michelin starred chef Stephan Hartmann. I've seen a favourable review from The Vancouver Sun critic and very interesting pics of the dishes via Instagram.

A note about Secret Location, the chef that won all the accolades for the restaurant, Chef Jefferson Alverez has left the establishment as of this month. So not sure how the new chef will fare.

Vancouver doesn't have the high end/ corporate expense account fuelled scene like Toronto. A good example of this is Vancouver winter eating festival, Dine Out, tops out at $35 while Toronto's winterlicious tops out at $50.

I think Pear Tree will be a solid dining experience but not a wow experience.

Need GF Chinese resto recc in Richmond ......

There's this place in the West End called The Change ( which advertises that they can do gluten free Modern Chinese Fusion Food. There's a video at the bottom of the home page where they say 70% of their menu is gluten free.

However other than that suggestion, Gluten Free is almost impossible at most Chinese Restaurants in Richmond. You can't escape soy sauce which is used in a lot of marinades and to help achieve colour in other foods in Chinese Cooking.

I would be concerned there may be gluten in commercially prepared sauces like oyster sauce as well. Even canned chicken stock has gluten in it. There's also cross contamination issues.

How bad is the Husband's Intolerance? If he's super sensitive to it I would not have Chinese. Maybe a nice steak house perhaps.

If he can tolerate minor amounts then I would just go to a nice Chinese restaurant and pick dishes that shouldn't have too much soy sauce in it, such as:

Salt Baked Chicken
Veggies stirred with garlic
Chicken and Salted Fish fried rice

Good Luck with this LR.

Urbanspoon Becomes Zomato - implications for BC/Vanc and PNW users

Here's another Blogger that has put a blog roll onto their blog:

The most intriguing spots in YVR

Hmmm, "off the beaten track" comes to mind regarding your question.

From my list of things I find interesting but some I have not tried yet:

-Sai Woo: modern Chinese with Jamaican influences due to the chef's upbringing.

-Miku's Kaiseki menus: I know out of your stated price range but this I found very interesting as it's not common in Vancouver.

-Hội An Café for thier Mì Quảng and Cao Lầu yellow stained noodles from Central Vietnam.

-Mr. Red for Northern Vietnamese. Anything with their house pate.

-We have lots of cook it yourself Korean BBQ but what about the Japanese rendition at Yakinikuya Japanese BBQ Vancouver.

-Chicha's Causa I find interesting because there isn't alot of Peruvian cuisine in the city.

Let me know if this is kind of the thing you're looking for.

Urbanspoon Becomes Zomato - implications for BC/Vanc and PNW users

Just from seeing the backside, I believe the photos and pics of menus maybe more current than urbanspoon was.

Zomato encourages photo posting more than urbanspoon.

You get points towards a "title" for every review, blog post and pic you upload to Zomato.

So for those who are into those badges and "titles", they are going post up a storm.

The good thing for consumers, you will get very up to date photos.

Urbanspoon Becomes Zomato - implications for BC/Vanc and PNW users

Regarding the blog roll, MISS VANCOUVER PIGGY does have a blog roll on the side of her blog towards the bottom.

I also think there are other local food bloggers who have re-created the Chowtime blog roll as well. So keep your eyes peeled.

Urbanspoon Becomes Zomato - implications for BC/Vanc and PNW users

It's official - Urbanspoon is no more. The migration to is complete.

No more easy to access blog rankings.

OH NO !!! Cartems coming to Main & 6th


OH NO !!! Cartems coming to Main & 6th

GE, what are your thoughts about Gyoza Bar?

Ontario CH Visiting Vancouver

You're in luck there are no notable Indian restaurants near Canada Place. Most Vancouver restaurants can accommodate Gluten intolerance.

Gastown is 10 minute walk east from Canada Place so it's very close by.

With your nieces in mind and the price range requested, here are some places that you could consider:
-Tacofino Gastown (very causal, but fun and trendy)
-Hapa Izakaya Coal Harbour location

-Cinara may also work but maybe more expensive
-L'abbatoir as suggested by Grayelf is also a fine choice

Ramen Danbo (Kits)

If there were no strings attached to the free meals then I would agree with you.

The problem here is that when bloggers get invites to free dinner or try free products, it's implied that the blogger will write a review or post something in social media.

If not, then why bother giving these freebies in the first place to bloggers if they aren't going to promote it somehow.

The restaurant is looking for publicity and doing so via the free meal. This is sponsorship. Sponsorship doesn't always have to be a paid fee, it can also be providing materials and services free of charge.

And who's to say some bloggers don't write differently with comped meals to ensure they continue to stay on PR lists to ensure they get future comped meals at other restaurants?

As a consumer wouldn't you want to know so you can make informed choice?

It's the reason why professional critics cannot write a review when they are comped. There's obviously some sort ethical issue here.

Ramen Danbo (Kits)

Thanks for responding, Hanson.

Regardless if it is a free meal or not, I think if a blogger is honest and provides a reason for their opinions that's all that can be asked for.

I'm not actually all that concerned about bias since it helps defines us as individuals and it can make your posts more personable, unique, and interesting to read. For example, I'm biased against salads.

As long as you're upfront about it and explain it then it's fine.

Keep up the good the work!

Ramen Danbo (Kits)

Nothing in Life is Free - Chinesebites is basically a PR firm for Chinese restaurants. I'm sure they charge the restaurants for the publicity they generate.

Ramen Danbo (Kits)

One more note about disclosures, if you're an Instagram user remember to put #sponsored if what you're showing was paid for by a company.

Canada has laxer laws regarding this but never a bad idea to cover your bases legally.

Ramen Danbo (Kits)

There's nothing wrong with accepting a freebie meal as long as you tell your readers that it was a complimentary meal in an open way when you are a blogger. Clear disclosure is key.

In the case of Nosh and Nibbles, he's not exactly being clear and upfront on the disclosure of his freebie meals. Most people will miss the disclosure on his article and there are risks to this.

Sherman from Sherman's Food Adventures does a much better job of disclosure. He doesn't hide the fact his meal was a freebie. He often states in his write up and then again in his point form summary, in the same size font.

In the end, you've developed a trust and reputation with your readers. When you don't disclose freebie meals in a clear way and then your readers find out it was freebie, you end up eroding that trust.

How do they know you a trustworthy foodie or just a paid shill?

It's different when you are professional food critic, like Mia Stainsby and Alex Gill. They, by their professional ethics, cannot write reviews on a restaurant when their meals are comped.

Some people try to apply this "critics" standard to bloggers and I think it's too harsh.

In the end, it's about your comfort level and as long as your up front about it then people can make an informed decision based on your review.

PS: Nice Job on the blog. Enjoy reading it.

Ramen Danbo (Kits)

There have been a lot of advertorials lately, not just from the dude you posted.

Let the kids have their free meals.

These paid posts (good or bad) don't work for the most part.

The restaurants are better off doing grassroots/in neighbourhood promotions.

Urbanspoon Becomes Zomato - implications for BC/Vanc and PNW users comprends. Been a little slow on the uptake lately.

Thanks LR.

Urbanspoon Becomes Zomato - implications for BC/Vanc and PNW users

Sam what does POFS stand for?

The only thing that popped into my head was Plenty of Fish which I'm pretty sure is not what you meant.

Urbanspoon Becomes Zomato - implications for BC/Vanc and PNW users

It seems Zomato in Vancouver is up and running. I thought it was weird that daily blog posters like Sherman were missing in action at Urbanspoon.

Some food bloggers have embraced Zomato and began using Zomato's system.

I noticed that my blog posts have been ported over from Urbanspoon to Zomato. I was able to access/login to my profile but I found the back end a HUGE work in progress. Seems they are creating things (to mimic Urbanspoon) on the fly - things are glitchy, kind of random and don't make sense.

From just a average joe perspective, I don't find the home page very inviting or informative. No real way to see which restaurants are being reviewed.

Full disclosure I didn't participate in any of the round tables / meet & greets Zomato was holding for bloggers in town prior to their launch.

Curious what others think about Zomato?

Vancouver: Coal Harbor (near convention center)

Great insight NoMoreSnuggles!

I didn't think of the diet thing which makes perfect sense! 2 of co-workers who are Tractor devotees are on some sort of diet program.

Vancouver: Coal Harbor (near convention center)

SMH, McDonalds will now be offering Kale salads too now!

Like I said YMMV. I do question my co-workers' palate, quietly in my head when I'm at Tractor ;).

Then again I'm sure they question mine when I rave about Spam Musubi.

Even the most respectable foodie has their blind spots.

I think with Tractor it's the fact they tout themselves as healthy, local, organic and fresh. I think this blinds a lot of people from judging the food for what it actually is - upscale cafeteria food.


Vancouver: Coal Harbor (near convention center)

Sigh GE, yes I have. I'll give you my reasons for recommending it first and then I'll rant.

Tractor is a relatively healthy option given the area.
My colleagues LOVE the place.
The space is gorgeous! It's open, bright, light, airy and whimsical - everything I wish the food was but isn't.

If my co-workers didn't insist on lunching there, I probably wouldn't go there on my own. Most of the food is unremarkable. It's probably a step up from cafeteria food.

Personally, I find the entree salads to be very awful. I'm not a big fan of kale being used as a raw salad green; it's got a strong taste, and is tough and corse in texture.

I think you need a deft hand to create a great salad with kale and Tractor does not come close. They basically try to overwhelm the kale by over dressing it with heavy dressings.

This is not my cup of tea but YMMV since my co-workers, some who have very refined palates, adore the entree salads and Tractor as a whole.

For me it's a head scratcher. I'm going to chalk it up to the fact I'm not a huge salad person. For me to rave about salad it needs to spot on in terms taste, texture, ingredients and presentation.

Off the top of my head, I can only really think of 2 salads that stand out in the city:
-the Pomelo Salad from Baoqi
-the seasonal watermelon, feta, basil salad from Besties

End Rant.

Vancouver: Coal Harbor (near convention center)

Joyeaux is very average Vietnamese. I think it's popular b/c it is the only place around that sort of resembles proper pho & Vietnamese cuisine. Oddly I see Chef Hawksworth and his staff lunching there often.

Vancouver: Coal Harbor (near convention center)

With in a 15 minute walk:

Miku for sushi
Meat & Bread (Pender Location) for Porchetta sandwiches
Tableau for French
Gyoza Bar for Ramen (next door is Cartems for Gourmet Donuts)
Tractor Foods (Marine Building) for salads, sandwiches and soups
Via Tevere Neapolitan Express food truck for Neapolitan Saltimbocca

Retirement Dinner in Burnaby

I'm not sure Trattoria is in the same weight class as the Pear Tree - not as refined.

Have you considered the Hart House at Deer Lake? Beautiful venue and it's a picturesque stroll around Deer Lake on nice evening.

Although food at the Pear Tree would still be better.

Good yoshoku (Japanese-run) - what's left in Vancouver ?

Marulilu Cafe, near the City Hall skytrain station, has a limited menu of Yoshoku items, including omurice.