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any good price for freshly made sweet and sour spare ribs ?

According to Sai Woo's instagram, they are going to closed for a few days due to smoke damage.

Their neighbor New Town Bakery will be closed too but they don't know for how long.

My guess it may be longer for New Town since they probably would have more smoke damage.

West End Foodies

Under new ownership but La Brasserie on Davie has re-opened today.

Based on this, some old favourites are coming back onto the menu.

Hawksworth #2 in Canada?

WOW, THAT'S A LOBSTER!!! Lucky easterners, would never see a lobster that big here in Vancouver.

Hawksworth #2 in Canada?

From the pictures, the crustacean combo looks like it's done in the "Typhoon Shelter" or maybe the "Salt & Pepper" style.

Other than the fact that the suburban Toronto Chinese restaurants preferring vertical plating of a dish that is pretty common in Vancouver, can you explain why the lobster and crab tower dish you mention is awesome?

Just curious?

TBH there are dishes I've sample in other cities that I wish would come to Vancouver but doesn't mean that that city's Chinese cuisine is better.

Man, I wish someone would do the "Salt & Pepper" style soft shell crab I had in Las Vegas in Vancouver.

New on Lower Robson - Straight Outta Brooklyn Pizza

They had the White (mozz, smoked provolone, ricotta, grana, garlic, oregano) available for per slice purchase the day I went.

No clam though as that what I want to get as a whole pie to bring back to the office.

I hope they do well but there was definitely some "sticker shock" with some who wandered in. I think they were expecting $2 per slice but Straight Outta of Brooklyn charges $3.25 - $4.25 depending on the slice.

Here are some pics of the per slice offerings and how the whole pie looks. They are not the best due the glare off the glass partition but it gives a good idea of the pizza served.

Best cheap Chinese food -- not too salty or greasy

Funny you mentioned that - I think my Mom knew to avoid certain things at Kent's.

Even though she was tired, she always made a fresh pot of rice and a quick stirred fried veggie dish.

The only things my Mom got from Kent's were the meat dishes (i.e. deep fried squid, prawns or pork chops or black pepper beef).

Best cheap Chinese food -- not too salty or greasy

Wouldn't Kent's Kitchen in Chinatown trump all in this debate?

Grew up eating their takeout when my Mom was too tired to cook.

Three Nights in Vancouver

No you ordered correctly. The crab and pork Xiaolong bao should have been a little soupy on the inside.

However in the picture, the XLB look a little too shriveled which means that they may have not been made well (ie the soup escaped through a hole in the dumpling skin during steaming).

St. Paul's area

Sorry to hear about your situation.

Cazba at Davie & Thurlow might work for the Gluten free request.

Molli is great for non gluten free, the sandwiches are great.

I noticed that La Brasserie's facebook and twitter have sprung to life again, so it may mean they are open again and maybe an option.

Also there's Kamei Baru at Nelson & Burrard which is pan Japanese if you want a different option other than Kadoya.

Ramen coming to Kerrisdale!

I should have put a hyphen in there, so it reads ramen-ya.

I believe in Japanese, when you add "ya" to the end of a food item, you are referring to a shop/"House" that specializes in that item.

For example, sushi-ya means a place that serves sushi. In my case, ramen-ya would mean places that specialize in ramen.

any Japanese restaurants offers Kaiseki (not Omakase)

Highly recommend the Nabeyaki Udon at Tastu! Best I've had in the city.

any Japanese restaurants offers Kaiseki (not Omakase)

No Worries - reviewing the menu again I see what you mean by the Korean influences. It actually reminds of Tatsu (Korean Run) on Commercial with their use of black rice and fusion dishes.

any Japanese restaurants offers Kaiseki (not Omakase)

Nice Find GE.

Do you have any more intel about Black Rice?

It's not in the West End, it's actually a block up from BC Place and most likely in the new hotel that went up in the area.

It looks pan Japanese but if it's good then a nice option to have before Canucks games and Concerts.

Sushi restaurant in Vancouver that takes reservations?

I think I need a definition of what "Reasonably Priced" means. Since you can rack up a bill if you order nigiri, sashimi and chef's selection dishes. Of the top of my head, here's what might work.

Miku I think would be the closest sushi restaurant to Gastown that would be a "Special Occasion" location and walkable. It takes reservations but I'm not sure if it would fit the reasonably priced criteria. It's one of the pricier sushi places in the city.

Another walkable suggestion would be Tsuki Sushi Bar. They've got good sushi and I think they do take reservations. The decor isn't exactly special occasion though.

Miko (different restaurant) is great sushi, short cab ride (10 mins) but may not fit in the reasonable priced category as you can rack up a bill pretty quickly here. I think they take reservations.

Sushi by Yuji would be excellent sushi at a great price and takes reservations. It's about 25 minute cab so that may not be fit the short cab ride criteria. I think that cab ride would cost about $25.

Boston hound visiting Richmond

If the noodles in the wonton dish are an important factor, then Max Noodle is the winner over Old Buddies.

I'll give Max the nod too in terms of the superior broth they use.

Boston hound visiting Richmond

I'll comment on your wonton request as that's a slight obsession for me.

Michigan is no more I believe and have closed down.

From a value perspective, no one can beat Old Buddies on Alexandra Road. Biggest shrimpy wontons in the region; like large jawbreakers sized.

However if you are chasing a traditional snack size version straight from the street of Hong Kong, MaxNoodle on Alexandra Road will be the best bet.

Although if you have the appetite for it, you could probably do both as they are only 2 blocks away from each other.

Hawksworth #2 in Canada?

I agree with you there, pete. The Lobster Cappuccino, chicken and lamb shank dishes in some variation has been on their menu since my aforementioned 21st birthday dinner.

My gut feeling on the staid menu is it's the compromise the restaurant makes in order to make it feel like a comfy neighborhood place.

The Pear Tree would not have survived as long as it has if people in the area didn't go out and support it.

Hawksworth #2 in Canada?

Glad to see Scott Jaeger and The Pear Tree get some recognition.

I always thought despite the great food they put out, Chef Jaeger and his restaurant was overlooked because it is in North Burnaby and not Downtown or in the West side of Vancouver.

They've stood the test of time. Had my first meal there for my 21st birthday and that was 14 years ago.

Ramen coming to Kerrisdale!

I'm not sure what I'm rolling my eyes at more:
-the title of the article
-how a place in Kerrisdale would be a threat to Downtown Ramenyas
-how ramen Koika is treated like they are serious competitor
-why mention Benkei when they have be reduced to one lonely shop at Broadway & Cambie

Until there are great Ramenyas in the suburbs and non-downtown neighbourhoods, there's room for more noodle shops in the Greater Vancouver area. I wonder where the author thinks all the citizens of the GVRD live. I'm sure if there were more viable options spread across the city (like in Kerrisdale), fewer people would trek downtown for ramen unless it was spectacular.

Three Nights in Vancouver

I recommend it simply because I really like the After Eight dessert and tartare.

I agree with assessment of the service. Found they were eager to please but a little green. As a result, some minor miscues.

However if you dined during the previous chef's regime, the improvement in the food is pronounced.

Will go back and try the pork chop per your review.

Three Nights in Vancouver

REGARDING BLACKTAIL: Yes I recommend it now that Chef Rogers has taken the helm. Just from having a lunch there, there was a huge improvement over the previous chef. Some photos for your consideration.

With the exception of the Tuna Salad, all the items shown are available for dinner too.

Hawksworth #2 in Canada?

Well hopefully true foodies will do their research before coming to Canada.

Although this is no different than when your friends/relatives take you to their favourite place in their city that they think is the "Best". YMMV depending on your friend/relative.

Oh, this thread is supplying traffic to the Rogers Media group who put out that list 'cause it use to be overseen by Maclean's magazine.

Hawksworth #2 in Canada?

TBH these lists are always contentious and that's the point. They are great for driving traffic and generating exposure to these media's sites and publications.

It's perfect click bait. In order to debate, people need to see the list first.

Sometimes I think those that create the list purposely put an oddball choice in the top 10 to get people riled up.

New Taco joint in Gastown - Tacomio

Thanks for the support LR. To be honest, yesterday's trip was a scouting mission so you may have to wait 6 weeks for a review.

Don't think it's fair to write a review based on them being open only 2 days and without a full menu available. Just wanted to see if it was worth my time to return in about month to do a proper visit or two.

To be honest I read they were offering tortas and that's actually what I wanted to try.

The greeter confirmed they would like to add tortas to the menu but it will come later.

I will go back in about a month.

New Taco joint in Gastown - Tacomio

I too was surprised that there wasn't a lot of sauce. However, with the exception of the Carnitas, the meat in the filling was moist.

They have a station for various salsas and pickled veggies to help dress up the tacos.

I just went plain for this round to better understand the flavour of the fillings. There's potential.

New Taco joint in Gastown - Tacomio

Quick Take: Just had 4 tacos (No palitos, Cochinita Pibil, pollo con mole & Carnita) from Tacomio and I see potential but I would wait a few weeks for a re-visit.

Just their second day and they don't have their full menu available. The more interesting fillings like the Pork Rind are not available yet.

I like the No palitos (cactus & chorizo) filling. The kitchen needs to do some adjustments on some of the flavours.

Nine Dishes

"The Force is strong with this one" --> fmed

That review confirms Chef Yves presence at Gala Cafe.

Nine Dishes

If you are looking for Chef Yves, he's at Ga La Cafe in the Metrotown area in Burnaby according to fmed.

Or you can follow fmed on twitter @wisemonkeysblog to get all his hole in the wall finds.

Yaletown lunch on a Sunday in March with gluten free options?

I like BaoQi out of the all the choices you rattled off. Love the Pomelo Salad. Everything is fresh. The only thing is that it's a tiny little spot, so it might be cramp quarters for your party.

Minami is open during 3-5pm but with a very limited "Bar Bites" menu if I recall.

Sai Woo - E. Pender, 2015

I'm greedy I want more. My vision is for Chinatown to be the epicentre of Modern Chinese movement in Vancouver. Certainly Bao Bei has done a great job of being a Standard bearer but there can be more.

Chinese cuisine is very diverse and regionalized. I think a few "modern" Chinese restaurants could exist in Chinatown as long as they specialize in different regional cuisines.

Imagine modernize Cantonese, Hakka, Shanghainese or Chiuchow all with a short stroll of one another. A renaissance for Chinese food and for Chinatown.