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In praise of Arax fruit

StriperGuy is correct, beautiful fruit at Arax. Amazing that they can keep their produce costs so low and the quality high. Instead of eating the horrible Star Market/Stop & Shop stuff sold as fresh produce, or battling the mobs at Russo's, I just walk around the corner to Arax. And don't get me started on their other foods, we are loving the Armenian salad and spicy cheese spread and...well, go and check it out.

May 12, 2011
varraspa in Greater Boston Area

Thumbs up to Roche Bros delivery

I had tried Peapod, but the selection was so limited that I still had to go to the store. Roche Bros was great, tons more choices, and yes, you can get very specific about what you want. Plus they have a no tipping policy. The incentive on the first delivery was...$30 off AND a free apple pie! Second delivery is free! Can't beat it.

Jan 26, 2010
varraspa in Greater Boston Area