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Where to get the best coq au vin in Boston?

My House! ha ha ha
Brasserie Jo's is really excellent, I agree with the above.

Ten best things to eat in Boston

M&P is such an awesome place - you really can't go wrong with anything there.

Eastern Standard, Gaslight, or Ten Tables?

Yes, a full expansion (they took over the flower shop next door, which in turn took over Sweet Christophers). The new bar menu is excellent, I would definitely recommend checking it out.

Ten best things to eat in Boston

-Bacon and Egg Fancy @ Mike and Patty's (Bay Village)
-Boulliabase @ Ten Tables (JP)
-Charcuterie @ Butcher Shop (South End)
-Canneles @ Clear Flour Bakery (Brookline)
-Pizza @ T. Anthony's (Brookline)
-Yucca con Chicharron @ La Pupusa Guanaca (JP)
-Sausage Gravy & Biscuits @ The Plough and Stars (Cambridge)
-Fish and Chips @ Matt Murphys (Brookline)
-Honey Roll @ Genki-Ya (Brookline)
-Corn Ice Cream with Huckleberry Sauce @ Hungry Mother (Cambridge)

Best oxtail stew in Boston?

I'm gonna say give Oriental De Cuba in JP a shot. They do great stuff with oxtail. Also of note is the Ropa Vieja there. Yums!

Eastern Standard, Gaslight, or Ten Tables?

Can't recommend TTJP enough. Granted, I live in the neighborhood and try to get there as often as possible. With the new expansion, it might be a bit easier to get a table, too. Eastern Standard is good, but noisy, noisy, noisy. Gaslight was a disappointment when I went, but that was a few years back. Great atmosphere, though.
TT usually has some very 'accessable' menu choices, and are always executed perfectly.