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Restaurant Recs - Mid-Price for Working Business Dinner - Financial District

Thanks so much, JennaBean! These recommendations are so helpful!

Restaurant Recs - Mid-Price for Working Business Dinner - Financial District

Thank you so much, prima! I really appreciate the quick reply.

Restaurant Recs - Mid-Price for Working Business Dinner - Financial District

Hi, I need to set up a working business dinner for six at a resto in the financial district. This is for a not-for-profit, and needs to be mid-price range, but it can't be a place that's too noisy or bar-like. (There will be limited to no drinking.) Food does not need to be stellar. I suggested Terroni and was told that's too noisy. Was thinking Bannock. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Business Dinner Near Bay and King

Thanks so much, prima. My main concern about Terroni is that it will be too loud. I haven't been to that location, so I don't know for sure, though. You compared the atmosphere with Mercatto and suggested that Terroni is more subdued. Is it possible to have serious discussion there? The group members are 55-60+ age range, and focused on work.

Business Dinner Near Bay and King


I'm organizing a post board meeting dinner for approximately 10 people, near Bay and King/Wellington. We are in not-for-profit, and do not want something in the range of Canoe, Bymark, etc. It needs to be nice, but it is important that it not be a place that might be perceived as ostentatiously expensive. It would also help if it weren't extremely loud/trendy. Board members staying over will be put up at the Delta, if you get my drift.

Can anyone comment on the Terroni on Adelaide or offer a better suggestion. The people I'm organizing this for are not foodies, so the food does not matter as much as atmosphere.


Oakland Business Casual Restaurant Options


Thanks so much! I should say that although I am a food geek, my boss is not (and neither are the other people going on this trip).

The most important thing about restaurant options is that they accommodate working meals. These will be internal staff meetings, so it's not important to impress anybody. There won't be any significant interest in alcohol.

I'm glad to get the advice about ZZa's. I was considering Sidebar, but I won't if it's likely to be even a bit noisy. If this were a personal trip, the story would be different, but it's not a personal trip.

I want to say thanks again to all of you. This is so helpful to me, since I have to set up all the details for this trip, and I don't know Oakland. You guys are amazing!

Oakland Business Casual Restaurant Options

Thanks for this tip about Le Cheval. That's helpful.

The group is more mid 30s to mid 60s. There will be some who will be picky about food, but more than that, many will be relatively conservative. Some might have one glass of wine with dinner, but that's about it. My employer always orders fish if it's on the menu, and she seems to really like old fashioned Italian places (tableclothes) and simple bistros.

Oakland Business Casual Restaurant Options

Thanks, this is really helpful!

Oakland Business Casual Restaurant Options

Can anyone recommend lunch places in the Grand Lake district?

Oakland Business Casual Restaurant Options

Thanks for the info about the Terrace room. I was looking into it, but wasn't sure what to think. I think it has the right atmosphere for this group of women. Seison sounds like a really good option as well.

By work-focused, I mean that the meals will be "working" (not festive) events--my employer will probably consider the meals "meetings."

Oakland Business Casual Restaurant Options

I think I take back the remarks about Spettro, it does look too casual. But Milano looks perfect.

Oakland Business Casual Restaurant Options

Wow! Thanks so much everyone for all of these options. This certainly gives me lots to think about.

Pican looks like a great option, for my taste, but I'm not sure about the group. They will be very work focused, and many will not be very interested in alcohol.

I think Scott's Seafood and Le Cheval are all great options. For this group, I would not choose "cutting edge." The fact that we're not-for-profit/education is significant--we aren't interested in fancy or hip. I actually think that, given my employer's tastes, Spettro might be great for some of the "internal" meetings. Is it loud?

Oakland Business Casual Restaurant Options


I'm planning a business trip to Oakland for a group of approx 10 people for mid January, and am looking for business dining options. Here are the relevant details:

-mostly women from Canada, working in the not-for-profit and education sectors (mid 30s to 60s). Mid-range in price -- clean, comfortable, but nothing too flashy

-meetings in Grand Lake District (near the theatre), probably staying in City Centre area (Marriott) restaurants should be in either of those areas or in between

-"no noisy bars" is a key request (not my words)

Any ideas?



Gelato Recs

I'm looking for Gelato recs for Japan. I'm in Tokyo until Sunday, then I'll go to Kyoto for a couple of days. After that, I've not planned exactly where I'll go, but if there are great gelato destinations, let me know.

So far in Tokyo, I've been to GROM and tried samples of many of the flavours. I've shared 3 small cones (2 scoops each) with another person. We had: a) dark chocolate & fior de latte w/ mint, b) extra dark chocolate & ginger, c) espresso & vanilla. I've also tried a few samples from Pierre Marcolini in the basement food market of Shibuya Station, and had one cone with two scoops: chocolate/orange and caramel. Marcolini was good enough to eat, but could not compete with GROM.

Aug 25, 2010
Khadija in Japan

Best gelato places in the World?

I'm from Toronto, and to my knowledge I've tried all the best and most well known gelato the city has to offer -- Il Gelaterie, Hotel Gelato, Hollywood, Soma (for chocolate), Dolce (highly overrated), Novocento, Palamoa (terrible, in my opinion). I don't think Toronto has world class gelato, but there are places to go for gelato fiends (like myself).

Outside of Toronto, the world class gelato I've had the following world class gelatos:

Dolcezza (Washington, DC). The best I've ever had! Argentinian style gelato -- so dense, so fresh, so intense. Love the owners, they seem so dedicated to their craft. I've been 3 times over the course of 2 days.

Capogiro's (Philadelphia). Some hits and some misses. Loved cashew, (especially paired with banana/rum and chocolate malt). Been 3 times over the course of 2 days.

GROM (Tokyo). I was surprised to find GROM in Tokyo. I'd been waiting to take a gelato tour of Italy. I was more impressed than I thought I'd be. It does not come out on top, overall (Dolcezza does), but I was astounded by how impressed I was with the chocolate based flavours (dark, extra dark, and bacio). They also had an espresso that was the most pure "coffee" ice cream I've ever had -- Paired with vanilla, it tasted kind of like the best iced coffee drink I've ever had.

Right now, I'm in Tokyo, and would like more recs on great gelato here, if anybody has any. In addition to GROM, I've tried Pierre Marcolini in the basement market of one of the train stations. It was good enough to eat, but not on par with any of the best gelatos I've tried.

Aug 25, 2010
Khadija in General Topics

ISO Best Scallion Pancake in the GTA

Where should I start? Downtown, I think of Mother's Dumplings. On the north side of Toronto, I think of Ding Tai Fung or maybe Asian Legend. Any other ideas?

What do people consider to be the desired characteristics of a great scallion pancake?

The best butter and eggs available?

I've tried a very wide range of butters for baking over the years. I've used everything from standard supermarket brands to imported European butters to various organic and locally produced butters. My standard has become Organic Meadow, which is available at most supermarkets and natural foods stores. I find it has a delicious sweet flavour, which becomes cheesier as the butter ages (especially if you keep it on the counter). Organic Meadow also makes milk, but I prefer Harmony.

For eggs, if you can possibly manage, I'd try to get them from a farm or someone connected to a farm. I have a regular supply out of Kingston, which doesn't help you, but I can attest that the eggs are vastly superior to anything I could get from a store. When that supply fails, I get eggs from a vendor at the Wychwood farmers' market.

"Maritime" style pizza - willing to go anywhere!

Maritimes pizza is Lebanese-run pizzeria pizza. It's not much sought after, because, quite frankly, most people would consider it to be pretty bad pizza -- the slices are what most people would consider too large, too doughy, and too overdressed. That's no criticism of you: I lived in the Maritimes for years, and I get the comfort-value attraction, so I like it. My main point is that you're having trouble finding it because there isn't a much of a foodie or even non-foodie market for it in Toronto.

I suggest trying to find a Shawarma & Pizza shop, or just a Lebanese run pizzeria. I haven't been, but you could try Pizza Rama at Bloor and Shaw. Other potential candidates are King Slice or King David Pizza.

Ottawa Recs

We're going to Ottawa (from Toronto) for a quick date weekend. Will arrive Saturday afternoon and leave early Monday morning. Here's what we're looking for:

1. A memorable/special dinner; this could be "fine dining," but interesting, thoughtful, well prepared food is most important. I have a slight preference for casual dress, mostly because it's so cold. So far, the options are:

-Murray St.

2. A very casual dinner in a comfortable atmosphere, with great food. The options are:

-Chez Lucien
-Wellington Gastropub
-Sweet Basil

3. The best gelato we can find. We'll try to visit 2-4 places. (I'm on an ongoing informal gelato "tour" of everywhere I go). I'll also consider really great ice cream. Options:

-Piccolo Grande
-Maison Chalouin

4. Light breakfast/lunch/snack places. We both love food and will eat anything, but we're not heavy eaters. We need to supplement the dinners and gelato with light fare. Options:

-French Baker (for croissants)
-Benny's Bistro (breakfast)

5. Good Coffee (espresso). I'm not having much luck with this.

6. Nice, casual pubs and bars.