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Niagara-on-the-Lake. 3 great dinners?

Just back from NOTL. Last night ate at Tiara, the restaurant at Queen's Landing. Terrible service. Food - appetizers were okay, mains good but my beef was not hot enough (still warm so not worthy of sending back), the desserts were excellent but.....we arrived at 6:45 and it was over 30 mins before our pre-dinner drinks arrived. The guys left for a smoke so I had to give the orders (couldn't take chance of server having to come back). The mains didn't arrive until 8:35 ( I recorded the times as I wasn't sure if my dinner mates were being impatient). So almost 2 hours from arrival to eating main dish and the appetizers were delivered not much before the mains. Desserts ordered at 9 but they did arrive in good time. The server did apologize for the delays but no offer to make up for the delays.

We did ask what caused the delay but server had no response. Considering the price and rating of the venue...I would not recommend it to friends.

Quick lunch at King and Spadina?

Third! I stopped by on a whim the other day. It's near my cat's vet and it was the first time I noticed it. Have to say that our food had to be some of the best 'fast food' meal I have ever eaten. The salad was fresh, dressing tasty....I ate it all and most times I take one bite of salad and leave it. I had the chicken kebab. Spice was flavourful but not overpowering. Oh and the fresh baked flat bread was wonderful.

Just got 100 dollar Moxie's Restaurant gift card. Is this a good or a bad thing...?

I am not a big fan of chain restaurants either but I have gone to the Moxies in Richmond Hill many times. It's close to the office and as I work in a male dominated field, the guys like the patio and the cute girls in short skirts (the male servers are not so bad for eye candy either).

Never had a bad meal. Some of the items are actually quite tasty. Am fond of the green bean app - tough to get me to eat my veggies so nice when I find something I love.

So depending on the location, could be worth getting a sitter but choose wisely - from the other responses there are a few locations to avoid!

Uncle Betty's Diner

I swung by on Friday. Figured it was a good destination for lunch about halfway through a 40km cycle. The artery clogging meal to make up for the exercise. ;-)

Hubby had the grilled cheese with the pulled pork - he's giving it a 9/10 saying it wasn't juicy enough though I am not sure how that applies to that type of sandwich! I had the sloppy betty - chili and cheese on a fresh bun. Not bad, could have had more cheese. I got a twinkie to go and have to agree with the earlier review - was a little dry and could use more cream inside.

Certainly worthy of another ride up and around. Perhaps in warmer weather go for the homemade ice cream sandwich.

Should add that the service was a little inconsistent but it was only day 3 since they opened. Sure it will get better as they settle in.

Toronto Wine and Cheese Show

There is another thread posted by someone who went the other day.

Toronto Wine and Cheese Show

The one at the international centre? Back in the day, if you were into that type of thing, it was totally worth the money. It took up the main hall and the one attached to that. There are many things I tried for the first time, before they hit the store shelves, that were amazing. My hubby and I would take the entire day walking and drinking and eating, finishing off with him using up his last tickets for a taste of some expensive liquor and my 'treat' was chocolate mousse with screech on top (sounds awful but it was delicious and perhaps the only way I would consume screech)

But then a few years ago, they sold the rights to the show and the new people did things differently. It's now small and in Hall 5. Some may say that it's more intimate but many of our fav vendors were no longer there, with so few booths we would have to either walk extremely slowly or stand around so as to not complete entire show whilst still drinking first glass of wine. We did try again the next year but don't recall trying anything new either time. Not eager to head up this year....

Reco for Fish&Chips in Richmond Hill/Vaughn/Markham?

Yes, fresh cut fries.

Reco for Fish&Chips in Richmond Hill/Vaughn/Markham?

Well.....there was a great place in Markham called Danny's. Just east of Kennedy Road on south side of Highway 7. In the plaza with the IGA. It's still good but the original owners sold it a few years back and while the batter recipe is the same, the new cooks just don't have the same flair with the coating and dropping into the fat. So it tastes the same but the light, airy batter is no longer.

Red Chateau, Niagara Falls

I was in Niagara Falls recently. I had planned on going to AG as recommended by the board but unfortunately it was closed on Mondays. I spoke to the fellow at the front desk and he recommended a place called Red Chateau.

Well good thing he gave directions as the cabby had never heard of the place. Plus it's a bit of a hole in the wall off the beaten track. A century home with the front rooms converted to seating area. Cabby even asked 'are you sure? I can take you to one of the other restaurants' lol

I took my chances. Food was good, dessert was wonderful. It was a Monday in November in Niagara so it wasn't surprising that it was empty. But my host, owner/chef/server was gracious.

If you are in the area and need another choice for dinner, I would recommend it.

Scaramouche - slightly disappointed

Did not say didn't enjoy, just it wasn't as fantastic as it could have been and expected. Restaurant is highly recommended by site so thought as it was our anniversary we would trek uptown.

Yes I have told hubby a 'million times' that he should taste first but what can I say.....It was me who was surprised to have all the dishes more salty than I would like and have never (as far as I remember) experienced this before especially at a restaurant of this calibre.

Scaramouche - slightly disappointed

Old post but as I went to Scaramouche last night and had a similar experience as the OP, figured I would add my comments.

Overall the experience was good but not outstanding. We were seated at the window, view was wonderful, service was very good but not excellent (dishes not removed quickly, dessert served before we had completed our wine, etc). Not what I would call a romantic spot as it was noisy. And the food was salty.

Not so salty that one couldn't eat it but salty enough that my hubby who normally oversalts imho said he was glad that there were no shakers on table as he would have salted an already salty dish! And not just one dish but all of them! Same chef that night as OP's a year ago?

So definitely worth going for the coconut cream pie if in the neighbourhood but not worth making effort to get there. We live right downtown so many other restaurants that would be as good or better.

Avoid eating at Hugh's Room - the food is AWFUL

Yes please more details. I have gone to Hugh's room several times and always enjoyed my meals. I tended to go with the concert special menu. Perhaps that's the better way to go?