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Does passing spaetzle dough through a cheese grater really work?

I use my food mill with the coarse disk. It's easy. Just turn it slowly and the batter slips through the holes at just the right length because the press shears it off on each pass and pushes a new portion of dough onto the disk on the next pass. Try it!

Dec 21, 2012
allegirl in Home Cooking

Does a Dirty Restaurant Toilet Mean the Kitchen's Filthy, Too?

Dirty bathrooms indication of the lack of respect for customers by the ownership and / or management. Where I live, a local TV station reports the restaurants cited for dirty kitchens and more often than not they also have dirty restrooms. Isn't that a surprise?!?!

Nov 11, 2011
allegirl in Features

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Does anyone have a recipe for a sandwich called Prime Rib Sandwich with Roasted-Garlic Dijon?

Jan 25, 2010
allegirl in Home Cooking